Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Cozy Coupe

Hank loves his Cozy Coupe. My sister found it at a garage sale for $5.00! We don't have a lot of room for "extras" in our garage with 5 children.....but I have no regrets making room for this! It must be the fact that it has a roof and an door that opens that makes it so appealing to little ones. Here he is in 'Nana's' Cozy Coupe...like the custom steering wheel? :) :)


  1. My son had one of theses (he is 20 now) my how time flies. I remember coming out in the driveway one day to find him perched on the roof of it having a high ol' time.

    I am glad he is enjoying his new toy!


  2. How cute is that. I love garage sales. One mans trash truly is another mans treasure.


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