Sunday, September 13, 2009


last week the excavators were out digging the hole! i drove the kids up to the property and they had so much fun playing in the HUGE piles of dirt......or volcanoes as they call them :)

of course a dirt slide came of it all.

the two workers, who are brothers, turned off the machines, walked over and asked if the kiddos each wanted a turn driving the excavator and taking a scoop. they were so patient and kind and surely made yet another awesome memory for the kids.

of course mama had to have a turn! :)

we went back that night as a family and each put a shovel full of dirt into a mason jar. not sure the exact reasoning for this but i thought it would be a fun memory and the kids could remember scooping dirt from an area that will be under the house. :)



  1. Hi. Congratulations on the beginning of your new home. LOVE your beautiful painted piano. Thanks for sharing. Laura @ the mansion

  2. One day when they are starting of on their own, you can send a small half pint mason with them of home.


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