breaking ground

Monday, August 31, 2009

omyword! what a difference clearing a ton of trees and moving dirt makes! everything seems so real now :)

today the excavator finished clearing the trees and started moving the dirt around and grade the land a bit.


if you look closely in this second picture you will see orange flags that mark the four corners of the house (okay...they're really hard to see). i was surprised at how quickly trees come down and dirt moves when you have professionals on the job!

i'll try to keep the exclamation points to a minimum ........this is the first time we have ever built a house. and Lord willing, the last.

flea market chairs and table

Sunday, August 30, 2009

well i rounded out my birthday weekend by spending a better part of the day at the flea market. fabulous. i came home with two adorable little samsonite folding chairs and an even more adorable table.


i loved the curve and shape of the top and it has a little drawer! i will be repainting the table.

table was talked down to $10 and the chairs down to 2/$15.

join rhoda over at southern hospitality for more fabulous finds.

beth moore. birthday. delight.

Friday, August 28, 2009

this weekend i am attending a simulcast convention at my church with beth moore (click here to get to her blog), learning about finding true, deep, pure delight in the Lord....AND i'm celebrating my birthday!

it just doesn't get any better than this girls :)

tonite began with a birthday dinner with my mom and sisters......perfect. delicious. great presents. :)

then off to beth moore. seriously.....thank you God for the calling you placed on that woman's heart to teach and for her obedience to follow your calling of preaching.

i have learned tonite that:

1. nothing dictates our lives like our desires

~ essentially, at the end of the day, people are going to do what they want to. we are dictated by our 'want to's'
~ a TRUE heart's desire (not a craving) is a sustained longing that is unaffected by mood or surrounding circumstance.
~ we are soooo used to 'getting what we want pronto' with our my TRUE desires may not come immediately....they will outlast circumstance and moods.

2. beneath the desires of our hearts is the HEART of our desires.

~ what is at the heart of my desires? what motivates me more than anything?
~ did you ever notice we often don't want what we have? we usually want something we don't have.

3. delighting in God adapts our desires into inevitabilities

~ as we begin to delight in HIM our desires begin to adapt.

Thank you beth for these teachings from psalm 37:4.

My prayer is this: 'God please grant me a heart that delights in YOU! bring out the person in me that cannot hold back!'

So happy birthday to me. praise God for teachers. God i delight in YOU!

prayers of blessing

the time is drawing closer. depending on the weather today or monday we will be breaking ground!

it is our desire to honor God through this entire process. let us seek His face and bring glory to Him.

our family spent some time walking around the property, taking turns to pray. prayers of thanks, prayers for safety, prayers for blessing, prayers of praise.

40th wedding anniversary outdoor party

Sunday, August 16, 2009

we hosted a party last night for my mother and father in-law. they have been married 40 years and for the love they give eachother, to each one of their children and grandchildren, and to God gives us much to celebrate!

the weather was gorgeous....warm with a light breeze. fabulous music echoed in the background from an ipod and portable speaker.

food was divine......conversation was meaningful and memorable.

for their gift mr.daddy and i made a donation in their honor to a local pregancy care center and i made this little embroidery project....super easy and i think it turned out really cute :)

this picture is pretty 'grainy' but i loved the lights flickering during our evening and tried to capture it. still in love after 40 years......
i am posting this backyard party for metamorphosis monday. click the link to check out more!

rod and staff and rainbow resource. orders done.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

our first order of curriculum should be arriving any day.  it is a very big day when a new box of full of crisp books, clean pages, unwrinkled paper, and new subjects arrive.  

the two places i order from are:  rainbow resource and rod and staff (rod and staff does not have a web site so i call them directly at 1-606-522-4348).

from rainbow we will be receiving:
horizons math 1, 2, and 3
first language lessons for the well trained mind
explode the code books for each
a reason for handwriting
latin primer 1 package
kingfisher encyclopedia
bill and pete go down the nile
mummies made in egypt
ancient egyptians and their neighbors
king tut sticker paper dolls
ancient egypt dot to dot
three musketeers and robin hood audio cd (jim weiss)
a platform scale
3d geometric shapes

from rod and staff we will be receiving:
grade 3 english
grade 3 reading/bible
grade 1 reading/bible
age appropriate readers for all the children!  i LOVE the storybooks available from rod and staff....and find myself adding a few everytime i place an order. :)  
bible stories to read
bible pictures to color.  i also LOVE the coloring books from rod and staff! the illustrations are just precious.

i can't wait!! :) :)

reading corners

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

one of our favorite things to do around here is read.  i love books.  the kids love to read and be read to.  

during the planning phase with the builder we reiterated several times the importance of reading nooks and spaces.

these pictures are totally inspiring! enjoy :)


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