creation museum

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

last weekend we joined up with 3 other families and drove to the Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky. which is actually just a few miles west of the Cincinnati airport.

as a group of 4 families we had been meeting together for a family Bible study over a period of probably 6 months. we studied 'answers in genesis' by ken ham. he disputes evolution with the book of genesis and i must say....the study was awesome!

so as a finale to the study we decided to all go to the creation museum! as a side note we are huge jonathan park fans and the museum totally ties in to those adventures! FUN!

here the girls are in an area that is to be similar to what noah's ark would have been like. the two men in the front of the picture are mannequin characters.

okay...this picture i think is hilarious! intended to be a sweet shot of mr.daddy, dancy and boone in the garden of eden.........when i downloaded it though i see the risque mannequins of adam and eve!! ha ha :) :) *serious note* it was totally not risque at ALL....they just stand out in this picture and i found it to be so funny!

there were several awesome dinosaur exhibits!! this guy was actually moving and swaying his tail. dinosaurs WERE on the ark cool is that??!!

here dancy and hank look at an exhibit of a paleontologist uncovering dinosaur remains....

the museum also has a special effects theater that the kids loved! there is a planetarium show as well that has seats that you lay back on.

the food was yummy in noah's cafe and the entire facility was super clean and beautiful! we were sad that we did not have time to explore the grounds outside where there is a petting zoo and gorgeous gardens....:( next time! we WILL be back :)

i won!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

every so often i will enter a blog 'give away'.

well i am SUPER excited (you know its true because i broke out the caps) that i won the give away over at holly mathis interiors for a personalized sarah + abrahams print!
serious cuteness. i'm pretty sure its going to go in my office by my craft desk.

thanks holli and thanks sara for teaming up together and making me feel a little extra happiness today!

basement walls are poured

Saturday, September 19, 2009

shirtless men ahead...avert your eyes! *smile*

first the forms for the basement walls were set up. the following day the cement trucks rolled in and the walls were poured (kinda loud and dusty!). the kids LOVE watching the trucks!!!

the next day the forms were taken off and waterproofing was added to a section of the walls. i know that some sort of foam has been adhered to a section on the outside of the walls as well but we haven't been up to the house no pics of that.

we are all so excited because monday the workers start framing!

on a side note this past week i had to have the plumbing fixtures chosen for the tubs and showers. at the same time i also picked out fixtures for other areas of the house (the kids' bathrooms, schoolroom, basement bathroom) just to check it off the list!

first soccer game

Thursday, September 17, 2009

deanie had her first soccer game!

she's the one on the far left in the top picture. number 5. (chosen because there are 5 kids in our family..isn't that cute?)
i wasn't so sure about the whole 'soccer' thing to tell you the truth. i had never played when i was little... but we know the coach and the assistant coach and deanie really wanted to try it out!

i was excited that their team color was purple! *smile* they won their first game and we all had fun cheering the girls on! :)

footings poured

things are moving right along on the house. we're having fun making the daily visit to see what has changed!

the forms for the footings were set.

the following day the footings were poured.


Sunday, September 13, 2009

last week the excavators were out digging the hole! i drove the kids up to the property and they had so much fun playing in the HUGE piles of dirt......or volcanoes as they call them :)

of course a dirt slide came of it all.

the two workers, who are brothers, turned off the machines, walked over and asked if the kiddos each wanted a turn driving the excavator and taking a scoop. they were so patient and kind and surely made yet another awesome memory for the kids.

of course mama had to have a turn! :)

we went back that night as a family and each put a shovel full of dirt into a mason jar. not sure the exact reasoning for this but i thought it would be a fun memory and the kids could remember scooping dirt from an area that will be under the house. :)


painted chair

this is a chair i picked up earlier this summer at a garage can read about it HERE.

and this is the chair after a little heirloom white and discounted fabric from hobby lobby. :)


so much better. :)

painted piano. the reveal.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

i am so excited! the piano turned out beautiful and the fresh paint just makes me want to play it!



i still need to find some cute little knobs to replace the brass ones.

the color is: benjamin moore wedgewood gray and i had it mixed in their soft gloss. i purchased 1 quart and used a little over half of it.

its such a soothing blend between blue and gray.....leaning more toward the blue.

i was happy to find out that once i lifted the piano face up i found a built in 'prop' which is used when it gets tuned. the little wooden prop worked out perfectly for holding the face up and painting the little spaces. my other 'prop' was boone's book :)

here is the piano in the beginning


piano primed

getting in all the nooks and crannies

and again...the finished painted paino.

to see the before of the chair with yellow and white fabric look here....
i am adding this post to met monday over at between naps on a porch.....head on over for a lot more fun makeover posts!

edited to add this over at kimba's diy day :)

Painted Piano.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

sooo..............i decided to take the plunge and just paint our piano this weekend!!! this was the piano i had growing up and we use it now, essentially, just for lessons and practice.

so far i have it 98% primed and tomorrow will be adding the color. i'm going to keep it a suprise though :) :) any guesses????

so here is a before, during, and after of the priming process only.

i'm adding this to Met Monday over at Between Naps on the Porch. head on over and find some more fun makeovers!

**updated to add a link to the finished piano! CLICK HERE TO SEE IT! **
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