christmas pictures

Monday, November 30, 2009

oh hank. i love you to pieces. your little face lights up my own....even when you are silly in 149 out of 150 pictures! :)

windows, shingles and dormers oh my!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

my much has been happening at the house! i am so thankful for the dry month of november to make up for the ridiculous amount of rain we had in october.

the shingles are starting to go on. we opted to go with a black shingle that had some definition to it.....which means there is actually a little bit of variation in the color. overall it is black and we are very happy with the choice.

the dormers. i think they may be a favorite feature. they are faux, meaning there is not a room that that they are attached to, they're just for looks. but i think they really cozy up the roof line.

the shed dormers over the garage are real :) they are part of a bonus room over the garage. again, i think they add so much to the roof line.

yay...the windows are in! they will have grates in them but those are added at the very very end so dust doesn't settle in the little spaces.

the basement floor was finally poured. isn't that interesting that it is poured so far into the process? i thought it was! :) they actually cut a hole in the floor of the foyer and stuck a "shoot" down to the basement to deliver the cement and the workers smoothed it.

here you can the pile of lumber 'in waiting'. this week they will be working down here framing. straight ahead you can see the cutout for a fireplace and to the left is the back of the house.

pumpkin patch and apple orchard

Friday, November 13, 2009

a few pics of our fall adventures....

dancy picked THE hugest (is that a word?) pumpkin she could pick up.
the apple orchard was great. it was freeeezing....unusually cold for october but we managed to pick some yummy yummy apples. here's deanie picking 'one more'. all the kids wanted 'one more'...can we pick just 'one more'? :)

the roof is almost done....

Sunday, November 8, 2009

so much progress has taken place this past week over at the house! almost all of the roof boards have been put on and tar paper on top of that.

these are the breaker boxes being installed in the basement. when i went out to the house i asked the technician..."so how are the fuse boxes coming?" .... apparently that is pretty old school? he said "uh...they're breaker boxes". whatever.

the windows are supposed to be installed next week and i think that will change the looks of things so much!

oh! i have to add this picture...... poor hank fell in the mud, then literally got stuck. mr. daddy had to pull him out first, then his shoes.

little honey got a nice warm bubble bath when we came home :)

Friday Favorites

Friday, November 6, 2009

a few of my faves :)

i have been wearing this for about 7 years now! currently i apply it over a tinted moisturizer. but it can be applied alone too. i'm just getting old :) i purchase mine at ulta. and as much as i love this product i do despise the word 'beige'. it just sounds bleh.

mmmm......i love love love the fragrance this candle gives! i purchase these at ulta too.

my hair stylist talked my into this tiny little bottle of wonder. :) it is like a fine baby powder. but it emulsifies or something when it makes contact with your hair. i can't even explain the texture it feels like on my products are in a league of their own!

but i love big hair and this is perfect. i dust a teeny bit in the ratty area i backcomb and it keeps the volume there. :) it should last a looooong time because you use such a small amount :)

first birthday party

Sunday, November 1, 2009

what a FUN birthday party! i was sad my sister and kiddos couldn't come because they had fevers...poor honeys...but they are better now and we can play soon..yay! so the party was simple and sweet. i can do "simple and sweet" with dubs because he's still my baby! :)

below, the "kids" table was set for more seating.

the cupcakes were the perfect portion of "sweet" for everyone. i purchased them with plain whipped frosting and added the chocolate, blue and pearly white sprinkles at home. my sister helped me make the toppers with her cricut machine (she's a scrapbooking hero!) didn't they turn out so cute?? :) oh! and the cupcakes were a total of $5.98 for all 24 from our local big box store....and really yummy. yay!!

getting ready to blow out his first candle! that little hat was 40% off $6.99 at hobby lobby (with coupon). i made the little banner behind the highchair. the baby boy figures are actually one of mr. daddy's first birthday cards that i scanned and cut and mounted on plain card stock. the number "1"s are leftover cupcake toppers mounted on the same card stock. the 'string' is a torn piece of white fabric leftover from my in-laws anniversary party.

he finally started to 'dig in' ! :)

me and my little love.
present time! basil the bunny was cute.

and this little 'hammer' toy....dubs loves this! he pushes the little rods with his finger instead of using the hammer.

and did you know that fisher price relaunched some of the classics??!! they are available at target....maybe other places. i was so excited when i first spotted them. here he is receiving the wind up t.v. that plays "row row row your boat". we also received 'chatter' the pull along phone, and the wind up clock.

and finally my little one year old in all his messy clothes glory. happy first birthday buddy!

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