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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

my goodness. the house in the fields is on a roll! things are really picking up, lots of contractors at the house and many decisions are having to be made. we are still really enjoying the process and the whole family is having so much fun watching the house be built!

below is a picture i took at the flooring store that captures the overall color scheme. those are not our actual cupboards or wood floor but they represent the colors we'll use for those items.

BUT....those cute cute teeny tiny little hex tiles??? girls. bathroom. i think they're just adorable.

dubs and mama. this is his usual mode of transportation. the sling. you can see the insulation behind me.
more insulation in the bonus room and lots of little blue electrical boxes. see the little room on the right with the angled door? shhh......it's a surprise secret hideout for the children! we've scattered three of them throughout the house.....they know about the other two but think that this one is a closet.
below is a picture looking into the bathroom. the room beyond (with the window) is a laundry room. so.....the bathroom. see the white plumbing line and silver air duct? right between will go an old wall mount sink i picked up yesterday and is currently in the back of my truck. so excited! i hope we can make it work.

a merry little christmas recap

Monday, December 28, 2009

i love christmas. celebrating the birth of Jesus, opening a door for the advent calendar with the kids each night, visiting with relatives i only see once a year, eating delicious food and on and on!

here is a little picture recap of our celebrations....

each child had four gifts under the tree. want, need, wear, read.

all the children raced downstairs christmas morning to open stockings! we don't do santa claus in our home. the kiddos know we fill the stockings and trust me, it doesn't make it any less exciting :) christmas morning creates so many memories for our family. ah yes, you see correctly, little dubs did not have a stocking. he had plenty of fun frolicking around in all the paper!

this is dancy on christmas night at bedtime. she received a music maker harp and art supplies (from hobby lobby) and felt it necessary to sleep with all of it :)
boone joined in the annual family bingo game at my parents house. last year it was a penny for every bingo you got...this year it was quarters! :)

our family picture. i wore the green scarf (old navy) to every party. :)

merry christmas from our family to yours! and cheers to a happy new year!
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