Friday, September 10, 2010

friday favorites : keeping it real

do you really want to know my favorites?

this man.

and this man with these kids.

everything else in this world will wilt away and never be seen again.
my husband and children are children of God the Father.
and they will be who i see in heaven one day.

living my life for the Lord means i must keep 
other 'stuff' in perspective.  

yes, decorating and new houses and clothes
are enjoyable.  no doubt.

BUT ....would i walk away from it without turning back?

yes. yes. and yes.

thank you LORD for my husband and my children.
my heart is full of Your joy!


  1. Good favorites, indeed. Thanks for keeping it in perspective.

  2. AMEN Sister! GOD,Family & Friends are wayyyyy more important -love you back and have a wonderful weekend!! xoxo's nancy

  3. Talk about having your priorities straight! LOVE IT! Have a blessed weekend w/ your family!

  4. Great post! :) Love all the cute little faces.


  5. just beautiful
    you preach it sista!!
    love this...

  6. My heart is where your heart is. There is NOTHING more important on this earth, than my family. Precious picture!

  7. I've been dreaming up a dreamy husband post lately, too! And now you're the second person to beat me to it. :) Love this and I love seeing other people in love!

    And you look entirely smashing in that pic. :)

  8. So cute :) I love it. You are a wise woman! Enjoy your weekend.


  9. I have been through your blog quite a bit sicne discovering a few weeks ago when I searched for bunk rooms.

    I can't believe how much alike we are! It's kind of weird. I have five children who I homeschool in our Christian home, too.

    Anyway, I will keep reading. And I would really love to see the finished boys bunk room???When we add on, I would like to design around this idea for my four boys room.



  10. PERFECT post !!!!! In our house we call that " the lesson's Jacob taught us."

    Thanks for the reminder !


  11. So cute and so true! Family is a gift from God! Okay, one of these days I can't wait to see a post of the bunk rooms and how they are coming along!

    ~ Ali

  12. and this is why i like you.

    perfect priorities.

  13. good for you, girl! i've been following your blog for a few months now {i adore it and your beautiful new house...especially the kitchen} and i think this is why i keep coming back. because i can tell at the heart of it all it is your joy and focus to do all you do for your family. keep going, you're on the right track for sure!


  14. So true and I echo every last word too!

  15. Your family is so breathtakingly beautiful!


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