Tuesday, October 12, 2010


$250,000 to the winner!
of artprize 2010.

over 1,000 pieces of art to view.  located in various venues within
a certain city perimeter.  fun, fun, fun!

below is one of my favorites.  "the seven days of creation".  made from crayons

beautiful weather, great art, yummy food, cute date.  
makes for a lovely evening. :)

and viewing the art?  its free!

so much creativity.

 behold.  this mermaid is made out of toothpicks!

papercutting.  amazing.
the shadows this piece cast were exquisite.

a gorgeous stencil made from dirt.  it is surrounded by
steel shovels and wheelbarrows.

below is a shelf of several little ceramic cups in shades of gray.

gorgeous oil painting.

beautiful floating steel orbs.  

shoot.  for 250k i might be searching for the inner artist in me. :)


  1. i love your bag! do you mind sharing where you found it? thanks! :)

  2. These are gorgeous - how cool to be there!

  3. Love ArtPrize. I was just about to write a post about it as well. Anyone can enter and it's better every year (well, this is only the second year, so...).

  4. Those are amazing...what amazes me is not so much the content, but how patient each artist has to be with their pieces...how long must each spent on them? Months and months and maybe years. I could NEVER do that part of it! I can hardly wait for the paint to dry in a room before I get impatient seeing the finsihed result!
    And thanks for your nice comment today...it made me laugh out loud.

  5. Beautiful artwork! If you find out who wins, can you post??? Also LOVE your bag too. : )
    Health and happiness,

  6. @ kristin and angela - the bag was a birthday gift from my sister in law... i think its from forever 21.

    @angela - you can check out the winner on the link in my post....it is a man who did a HUGE pencil sketch. its amazing. :)

  7. We made it to art prize three different evenings. There is so much to see!

    Maybe we are "neighbors"!

  8. Sounds like a perfect date.


  9. quick correction :) my bag is from charlotte russe! :)

  10. This is fantastic! My hubby and i loves walking through art exhibits and enjoying the creativity in the air.Its a healthy and fun way of dating.

  11. what a cute couple you are. and what a fun date.


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