our family room now

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

i've decided to share some pictures of the house we live in now. we have loved living in this house and making this home for the past 8 years.

this is our family room. when we moved here the entire house was a pinkish tan. we tackled this room first and painted it a dark red. it was pretty but we like to paint so about a year later we painted it this yellow. all i remember is the color is called 'Oolong' i don't remember who its by.
i have rearranged the furniture in this room SOOO many times! i think though, that this set up is my favorite. the white lamp is a favorite thrift store find....i have yet to replace the drum shade (this one is yellowed) but i did not know they are so expensive! if anyone has an INexpensive source for lamp shades please share :)
the brick wall was a favorite feature that i really liked when we first were looking at this house. it makes this room so cozy.

the huge window on the mantle, i found at an antique barn in shipshewana.... i remember carrying it down two flights of stairs to pay for it and that baby is heavy! i had the intention of hanging it on a wall with black and white pictures mounted behind the glass...but alas, i never got to it and having it on the mantle has kind of grown on me :)

friday favorites

Friday, January 8, 2010

here are some more of my favorite things :)

1. bubber. hank received this for christmas and its so fun! it sticks way better than moonsand but is not as sticky on the hands as playdoh. i suggest buying the kit with the tray...our rule (for the little ones) is to keep it in the tray. :)
2. ravensburger puzzles. sturdy box, sturdy pieces and they have a huge variety. they carry kids (50 pieces) up to adults (1000 pieces and more). if you're going to have puzzles around the house i highly suggest investing in ravensburger puzzles. you'll know what i mean once you have them! you can buy them online but our local barnes and noble carries them as well as most high end toy stores.
3. smartwool socks. if you have snow by you these should be keeping your tootsies warm! once you wear these socks you'll be hooked! again, local shoe stores or sporting good stores may carry these socks. they are a bit pricey so i ask for them as gifts :)
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