boy bunk room - part one

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

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when we originally had our house designed we decided on 5 bedrooms upstairs.  master plus 4 more.  

at that point we had four children.  then i was blessed with pregnancy and another baby :)  we shuffled various ideas around on how to 'divide' the kids into the planned spaces.  every time we had the conversation it was never settling.  and to tell you the truth, even when we had four children and they each had their 'own' space i was just.........well, so so with the whole idea of them each having their own room.  

i remember wondering what it would be like to share a room growing up, as i always had my own.  my husband shared a room for all but 2 of his years at home.  and really, we need to know how to share space throughout our adult life so why not prepare our children for that?  in college you have a roommate, when you get married you have a roommate :)  at work, often you have to share, copy machine, phone etc. 

the other issue that i always dread dealing with (even in this house) is:  when the baby is old enough how  will we RE arrange the rooms???  

so throughout the planning process, our having our fifth child, we came up with a logical solution for our family:  

Bunk Rooms!

one for the girls
one for the boys

it solved all our room dividing problems and more! :)  

1. the rooms will be much larger since we're combining the spaces. allowing for more bookcases, which was always on our 'wish list'. 
2. each room can have one large bathroom versus a smaller jack and jill style bathroom.  
3. when the little dubs is old enough he can go into the 'boy bunk room'.  no questions.
4. Lord willing, when we have more babies, and they're old enough to move out of the nursery, same as above....if the little munchkin is a girl she'll join the girls in the 'girl bunk room' ...if the little one is a boy, he'll join the boy's in the 'boy bunk room' more agonizing decision making!
5. the bunk rooms will help prepare the children to know how to share their space! (there is plenty of room around the house if they need alone time!)
6.  another bonus... hopefully the children will continue to talk through their struggles since they won't be able to slam their 'own' bedroom door shut  :)


i will be posting sequels to this and cover bunk choices, decor, layout, lighting etc. 

valentines tablescape and marshmallow pops

Thursday, February 11, 2010

we are having so much fun with valentines this year!  

i set the table for our recent Bible study group and served a yummy meal.  
Pioneer Woman's Chicken Parmigiana with linguine and for 
dessert Life by Chocolate Cupcakes (hersey kiss version).

Unbelievably delicious!

the cupcakes were served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream in these cute little heart shaped
bowls.  i found them for .99 each at michael's! :)

the plain white china with silver rim is our wedding china.  the blue floral china i picked up 
at goodwill.  i love to mix and match dishes.
i also really like to mix fancy and casual.  paper napkins with china.  casual cotton table
runners with glass goblets etc. :)
i made this table runner using leftover fabric from my inlaws 40th anniversary party.

my glass hurricanes are filled with traditional candy hearts.
my white candles are sitting on a can of soup so i didn't have to use so many hearts :)

today the kids and i made marshmallow pops!!

we melted pink candy melts in the microwave and dipped our pink marshmallows in

of course there were lots and lots of sprinkles!

we packaged them up and gave some to an elderly neighbor, some to cousins, and others to babysitters :)

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house update: trim, wood floors, tile

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

i have lots and lots of pictures to share!!  so many changes are happening at the house.  tile is being installed, wood floors laid, crown moulding put up, and built-ins are getting started.

master bathroom....starting to take shape....

and more recently.  windows trimmed out, carrera tiles starting to go down....

boy's bathroom.  i am standing in the bunk room looking into the bathroom.  
the hallway entrance is to the right.  

straight ahead is the tub/shower alcove.  square, glossy, grey tiles.
on the floor:  tiny white rectangle tiles with grey grout.

the nursery.  this will be one of my favorites to finish up :)  i'll be posting more about it later!
oak floors are down.  they will be sanded and finished (painted white!!).  
board and batten up. 
this room will eventually transition to something else when we are no longer 
needing a nursery :(

school room.  built ins are almost done!

mud room.  we went with a dark slate with dark grout (my flash is deceiving you).  
we are very pleased with the way this has turned out!

side porch.  the door will be varnished so it will have a little pizazz. :)

the crown moulding is going up in the family room.  mr.daddy was in charge of this...
and i will say i am very pleased with his selection!

bonus/family room above the garage.  this is the room i think we will spend a lot of time in!
the window is looking out to the back of the house.  the stairs on the right go up to the hallway.

this is a walk thru "fort" that we are doing for the kids...but they don't know! :)  
it was dead space so we decided to utilize it as a playhouse.  
obviously they see it when we go to the house but 
they just think it is for storage.

okay....last picture :)  the siding is starting to go up.  we went with hardie cement board.
this is the stock light grey.  since there will be a final color coat painted later
we will be able to tweak it a bit if we want.  i'm thinking just a teeny bit darker....

thanks for looking!  

i will say overall the process of designing and building a home is going very well!

i'm pretty sure i would not want to do it again,
but that is just because it is such a long process.  

i always hear so many negative stories about relationships or drama that can 
happen while building a home.

i would like to be a positive voice and say "we love it!" :)

thank. you.

valentine love

a little valentine love.

little hank, his siblings and i made yuuummmy homemade cookies. recipe from Bake@350  
poor little love wears his sister's smock :) 
 he so stinkin cute though....mmmm :)  love you buddy!

so as you can see above we made valentine cookies..they're pink! 
but i am lacking in the cookie cutter selection.  
yet the kids seemed perfectly happy to be decorating palm trees, christmas trees, bells, high heels, flowers and butterflies!  

look at the layers of sprinkles!!! 

below, the smooth frosting recipe was tinted light blue.  totally a valentine's day color.  recipe from bake@350

yummy, good old fashioned candy hearts surrounding a white pillar candle 
balancing on a can of soup. :)
the cutest little craft!
paper heart garland
  boone and deanie created this little masterpiece.  tutorial found at 

building a house = mess!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

yikes! this is what i walk into when i visit during the day.  i want to sweep and vacuum and organize and say....get your saw out of my kitchen! :)  

seriously though, our builder and all the contractors have been really good about sweeping up, stacking the scraps and throwing away the garbage.  i just have to keep it real though and show you what your house will look like in the middle of trim work. :)  

below is the kitchen.  sunroom on the left, family room straight ahead.

below is the school room. 


Monday, February 8, 2010

the journey of homeschooling has been rewarding in every way.  i treasure each and every moment with my children...honestly.

we have been homeschooling for four years now.  the kids and i have shared laughter, quiet moments, tears, frustration, joy, hugs, holding hands, smiles and winks.  we sing outloud, dance and twirl.    i wouldn't trade my ordinary day at home for anything!

i am so so thankful to be able to pray with the kids throughout the day.  we pray when we hear an ambulance, we pray when we're wrong, we pray when someone is hurt, we pray when we need patience, we pray thankfulness for all we have, we pray for devastated countries, we pray that God would keep us humble.

pinkalicous party

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

my sweet dancy turned seven.  i love you so much dancy.  you are full of life, honest, hard working, you put others before yourself, and you love Jesus.

pinkalicious is currently a favorite book around here.  we are also in the midst of winter so snowflakes abound.  this is how we came up with a

Pinkalicious Snowflake Party!

pom poms are martha stewart that i picked up on clearance and walma*t for $5.00! :)

adorable cupcake toppers are from the TomKat studio .  i ordered the printable pdf files.

the water bottle labels and crayon box labels are from Big Day Creations.  

sweet girl.  your sweet smile and bright eyes light up the room!

pink was everywhere!

craft time!  i purchased these little boxes for .99 each at michaels and gave all the girls
glitter, stickers and pom poms to decorate them.

i love you dancy.  happy birthday. 

"old door" shopping for the school room

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

i embarked on an adventure in search of an old door to hang in our new house for the school room.  it's one of those ideas that i've had in my head for a long time and when i would come across old doors i'd say "oh, that one would be great" or "love that!"  but never actually made the purchase.

well the time has come.  the trim carpenters are working in the school room now and needed a door to be able to case the doorway.  sometimes i just need a deadline.

i went downtown to a salvage store because i knew they had a "basement of doors". literally.  take a look.
 this picture times five should give you a pretty good idea of what i was up against.

thankfully, they were organized by type.  i wanted one with glass. so i went to the "door's with glass" section.

there was this one.  gorgeous.  divided glass, panels, super heavy.

another one, very similar.  sooooo pretty!

hmmm....then there was this one.  single pane of glass (which is what i wanted). not rotting away (bonus).

this one went home with me!  can you see all the pencil scribbling on the right side?  it was meant to be for the school room.  once i clean it all up, i'm sure some day the pencil scribbles will be back. :)

i also really like how the glass is set a little lower than you typically see.  the door knob is set lower too.

i picked out some old black hinges, screws and door knob.

so here is the new old door to our school room!  i would love to add some etched glass title to the glass.

maybe "school room" or "school".  we'll see :)

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