quick and easy master bedroom makeover

Sunday, April 25, 2010

as the time draws near for us to leave this house i feel like i want to document the rooms a little better for the memories.  and since i recently did a mini makeover in the master bedroom i thought i would start there.

this is the before:  the putty-ish color of the walls is what started the project. :)  i was out to neutralize and go lighter.  somewhat tricky with dark furniture.
another angle from before

we painted the walls super light
faced our bed a different direction
replaced the lamps
added a $3.00 garage sale mirror to my nightstand
changed the bedskirt to a solid white one
splashed a little color with a soft throw from tuesday mornings

and if we were not moving that fan would beouttahere!

my nightstand.  simplified and updated.

i also switched out the bleh rocker for my fun blue chair!
i have added this post to Met Monday!

friday favorites

Friday, April 23, 2010

friday favorites!  these are items that i really like in no particular order.  to catch up with my other friday favorite randomness check them out here

first up:   Caldrea Lavender Pine Countertop Cleaner.  delicious!  i've been cleaning like a mad woman lately to keep up with realtors coming through our house.  this spray leaves a yummy fragrance and sparkly shine in my kitchen.  (my countertops are granite)

this next item is amazing!  this was a gift to one of the boys but hank has loved it the most.  

you press a button and stars light up the ceiling!  it truly is very calming and has even helped keep hank in his bed at night....  it stays on for 45 minutes then shuts off by itself.  there is a plain turtle too that would be just as cute :)  

and finally, i have to share that i really like charlotte russe
yup, the teeny bop store in your local mall?  yes, that's the one.  these two tops are my most recent purchases.  the purple one definitely has an anthro look for way less.  the cardigan i have in cream and wear it open over a dress and other shirts.  the ruffles are cute!

ahhh...and the earrings.  trendy and not expensive.  i know i will be able to pick up a fun pair for date night and not have to worry about breaking the bank.  
thanks Charlotte for keeping me in style.

pouring patios and ordering things online

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

the weather is warming up and things are wrapping up here on the homefront!  for anyone that has built a home (and for those of you who have not) you know that the last 6 weeks are busy!  

major changes take place like patios, deck, paint colors etc.....  for me, the satisfaction of seeing the results of all the decisions makes all the decisions worth it.  okay...that was a little confusing, but stay with me here :)

below is the upper back patio and a cute curvy sidewalk.  the deck (which you can see in the distance) will have two steps down to the cement patio.

here is the lower patio.  before these were poured we spray painted in bright orange, on the dirt, the shape of the patios.  we stood inside the spray painted area, and lived with it for a couple days to make sure the size would work.

also, we (actually mr. daddy) requested enough divisions in the cement.  i think i overheard him saying it helps with settling?  or so that when a crack happens it won't spread so far?  anyways......i'm really pleased with the way they turned out!

okay.  moving on.  we purchased most of our lighting and plumbing locally.  but i must say, i am totally intrigued with the low prices of certain websites and couldn't resist trying a couple and saving some money while i was at it!  i thought i would share my experience as well as show some pictures of the packaging.  

i often wonder these things myself when i am looking to make a purchase.  so here you go!

one site we used was lamps plus.  i found a gorgeous chandelier and the price was right.  i put myself on the email list and i watched the site until the fixture i wanted was on a good sale.  and trust me...they ALL go on sale at some point.  

okay....so the box was HUGE.  after taking out all the paper and the foam topper this is how it looked.  very snug and secure.  so far, very impressed!

when i lifted the whole chandy out of the box it was still packaged securely in foam type holder.  pretty good right?

there were TONS of crystals.  the strands and large individual ones came in plastic trays like this and then wrapped in brown kraft paper.  the cup like pieces and small hanging pieces were all wrapped in the white foam.  

each package was individually labeled A, B, C, D etc.  and coordinated with the diagram in the instructions. nice.  thank you for the clarity.  very helpful. :)

we started to put a few of the crystals on to get a feel for "the look".  wowza!  
this should be fun to clean.

dancy and boone helped me unwrap each and every package and inspect each and every crystal.  there was only one small chip in one small crystal.  and it doesn't even bother me.  so we're good!

now.  it does say to test the fixture to verify it's working okay.  we have not done that.  in a couple of weeks when fixtures are hung we'll find out.  

next stop:  efaucets.  we purchased our main kitchen faucet and the prep sink faucet (in the kitchen island) here.  

 again, get on the email list,  look for coupon codes online, and wait for your item to go on sale!

these too were packaged really well!

custom fitting foam.

nice sturdy boxes.

so there you have it...my own little review of two online discount stores that have always peeked my interest.   and a little patio talk to boot!

making progress in the kitchen

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

the moment i saw this kitchen posted on cote de texas everything changed.  i went from white cabinets to this gorgeous grey.  and from black soapstone countertops to white italian marble.  
there are so many elements in this picture that inspired our kitchen design!  

1.  the cabinet color!  benjamin moore's fieldstone
2.  white countertops (yes they will scratch, stain and chip...that's life!)
3.  those open shelves!  i brought this picture in to our cabinet man.
4. bridge faucet with a straight neck.
5.  wood floors, bin pulls, stainless appliances, apron front sink, white subway backsplash.  
these are things we already were implementing so this solidified the deal! 

below you see the beginning stages of the kitchen!  the wood beams on the ceiling are covered until the painters are done.

open shelves are up!

the brick "kick wall".  i don't know what else to call it.  :)  you know, the place where the kids kick their feet when they're sitting at the counter?  the kick wall.  trying to decide if it should be painted the color of the cabinets or the walls (a lighter grey).  any input?

kitchen pantry

Monday, April 5, 2010

i will once again start out with my 'inspiration' pictures.  out of the bajillion pictures i saved in my computer files and paper files (from magazines) of pantries, these are the two that i based most of our pantry design on.

it was very helpful to find a variety of designs because then i could narrow down what i liked and needed.  i was soon able to easily say 'no' to different design aspects of a pantry because i knew what i liked.  p.s.  this principle was true for all of the rooms in the house!  so start ripping out pages of magazines and saving pictures on your computer if you have not started yet.  it really helps refine your style!

okay.  back to the pantry.

elements i like/desired/needed:

1.  chalkboard on the door.  
2.  clock inside (this will go above the snack drawer that the kids are
     allowed into at 10:30am and 3:30pm)

~image via country living~

3.  somewhat evenly divided spaces. 
    (i didn't want to break the budget on a million custom areas in the pantry)

4.  two small custom shelves.  one for 9x13's and a snack drawer.

~image via i'm not sure?  if you know please tell me :)~

so here you can see how we implemented the chalkboard idea.  we had the plain faced door trimmed into three areas that will coordinate with the other paneled doors in the house.  the big box on top will be filled with chalkboard paint. 

here is one view of the inside.  there will be additional vertical 
spacers added to further separate the longer shelves.

to the left you can see the 5 shelves for 9x13 pans.  this is one dish we use often and many times more than two or three at a time.  i am forever stacking an restacking, clanging them around, practically breaking...well you get the picture.  mama wanted them separated! :)

the shelves on the left, beyond the 9x13 shelves, 
overall are much narrower to accommodate canned goods.

i'm sure i'll have more to add to this as things are progressing rather fast at this point! :)

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