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Friday, July 9, 2010

another round of some of my favorite things :) 

first up is Cherish and Joy.  they make the little silky that is attached to hank's thumb every second.  his is backed in red and multi striped on the other side.
the reason i love this company so much is that when i called to find a backup for hank's discontinued silky the company HAND pieced together another silky for him made up of two sample pieces of the multi striped pieces that his silky is made of.   WHO does that anymore??    

next up is Land's Ends Tote Bag.  we have the large, navy piped one with our last name and "family" monogrammed on it says: "the ____ family" . i love this tote stands up...the bottom is dark.  we use it for the beach, for long trips, for overnights etc.

finally....the Dollar Store!! :) can you guess which items below are from this lovely store? the glasses!!!  now i'm talking about the TRUE dollar stores where every item is ONE dollar.... we have four dollar stores around us and only one (the dollar tree) is a true, every-item-in-the-store-is-a-dollar.

i was looking for martini and goblet glass glasses and i found them there!  they are heavy and CUTE!  you would never ever guess dollar store. :)  i used them for this drink bar i set up for a bridal shower i helped in hosting for my future sister in law....and these glasses were the perfect low budget touch.  don't  forget to check out the dollar store people! :)

God Bless America! and....A Winner!!!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

happy fourth of july!  

from our home to yours....

i am so thankful for the freedom to teach my children at home, to boldly 
enter a church and worship......God bless America!

and now to announce the winner of the Katie Daisy Giveaway!!!  first, can i just say that i had so much fun reading through all the comments and meeting soooo many bloggers!  i was blown away :)

we had 212 comments!

and the winner is........................   #189  Kate Hollis

Kate said:  
So fun! I love the "You are my sunshine". My grandma's nickname for me was her "Sunshine".
 The teacher in my loves the "Faces of the Moon" soo cute!

Congratulations Kate and thank you Katie Daisy! :)

a KATIE DAISY giveaway!! this is good. :)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

my second official giveaway.  and this is good!  
do you remember that adorable print above my drinking fountain??
 I bought it on etsy at the wheatfield by katie daisy 

be kind to others.  it's a simple truth.  and i like simple....and i like the truth.
it makes me so happy!  the whimsical design and colors.
miss katie daisy is so sweet and her work ...well, let's just say i would love
one of everything! :)

i have two of her pieces.  the other one is in the mudroom. 

"you are my sunshine my only sunshine".   see?  it made you smile didn't it? :)

so here's the GREAT part for you!  katie (via august fields) is giving away 

One 8x10 print of your choice to one winner!!  

to enter the giveaway leave a separate comment for:
1.  go to katie's awesome shop, come back and tell us a favorite item.

2.  become a follower and let me know (if you already follow, leave a separate comment saying.."i already follow!" or something like that :)

3.  blog about the giveaway linking back here.

*if you don't have a blog make sure to leave an email, in your comment, where you can be contacted*

giveaway will end saturday evening.  i'll announce the winner with a BANG on the 4th! (sunday) :)

Katie Daisy  on etsy

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