cooking in the kitchen

Monday, August 23, 2010

every day, every meal.  dancy asks if she can help in the kitchen.  
the girl LOVES to be in the kitchen!!  and she is good!  
she can whip up a mean batch of poppyseed muffins.
i love you sweet girl.

master bedroom

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

we're getting there...little by little.  here are a couple of pictures of what has
been accomplished in the master bedroom!
the bed.  we went king size and don't regret it one bit!  it is the tufted camden from ballard
and we have been very pleased with the quality and craftsmanship!  definitely look
for a coupon code for ballard or buy one on ebay if you must :)
the nightstands and mirror are from pier one.  if you have read my blog for a while you know
i really like to mix old and new, fancy and plain.  i thought the mirror texture of the
nightstands would compliment the simple texture of the bed.

the chandelier is an old antique from an antique store.  my awesome sister in law found
it and texted me a picture of it. :)  thanks susie!  

the lamps are from jc penney. 
no there is nothing hiding under our covers :)  its just a lumpy duvet!  

i am on the hunt for the perfect chair and table to put in the corner for reading.
i really like piecing a room together and looking for just the right item!  

some of my favorite sources are:  overstock, ballard, tj maxx, marshalls, etsy

nursery with painted white floors

Thursday, August 12, 2010

the nursery.  it turned out very sweet!  every morning when i get
little dubs out of bed i tease and call him little prince charming in his royal room :)

the chandelier is from a little antique shop close to our town.  i think
it really makes the room....along with

.....the floors!  we painted them white.  against our builder's desire. and i am 
so glad we did!  they started as raw 5" oak floors.  we added 2 coats of primer and white porch paint.

only 2 coats of primer so that the some boards would naturally yellow.  i love the look!

dancy made little dubs this dick and jane pillow :)

the photo collage includes pictures of all the kiddos when they were 2 weeks old.  we are missing 
one on the right though :(  we havn't been able to find it since the move.

favorite books and toys are essential to any nursery :)

friday favorites

Thursday, August 5, 2010

this has pretty much been my go to brush since high school. 
when my brush has run its course......i go and buy the same one.  
thank you paul.

along with jonathan park, adventures in odyssey are a family favorite!
the children listen most evenings to the daily episode each 
evening on a local radio station that brodcasts  it.  otherwise you can 
go to my link and listen online.

these are great for long car rides too :)

what???  you don't remember everything you learned in history??

that's fine....i don't either!! :) :)

drive thru history will change all of that for you 
and your family!

this makes history come alive!  the host is hilarious (even my 3 year old laughs at him),
and the videography is very captivating.  

we are only on dvd 2 as a family but i must have said at least 3 times
"i never knew that! i would have loved to have been presented with history like this!"

peach and white glamorous personal bridal shower

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

at the end of this month we will have a wedding on my husband's side of the family.  it has been 11 years since the last wedding (ours) we are just a tiny bit excited!! :)

the gorgeous bride (you'll see...) started out as my babysitter.  we all loved her!  so much that i introduced her to my brother in law and now they are getting married!!! 

so we threw her a personal shower and glammed it up a bit using one of the wedding colors, pale peach.

the food was simple and delicious.  varieties of crackers and dips.  (thank you world market!)

my other sister in law lives out of state and had these 
ridiculously yummy treats sent up from william sonoma.

the drink bar was fun.  martini mix in a pitcher on ice and champagne drinks next to it.

glass martini glasses a la the dollar store.

little notes were left for the bride to be to take home.  encouragement, prayers, advice....

little wine bottles as party favors.

8.27.10.  for obvious reasons :)

we moved down to the basement for the rest of the shower....i ordered the big white balloons 
online from balloon warehouse.  17" round bright white. 
 i could not find this size large balloon locally?!

strands of pearls draped around silver platters and white and cream candles (dollar store) 
atop pale peach broad cloth bustled with a rubber band at the ends. :)  

the gorgeous white hydrangeas?  
my dear friend has a yard overflowing with these beauties...she knows i LOVE them!  
she called that day and had a bucket FULL waiting for me :) :)

the mantle.

what?  :) 

 the clothesline of really appropriate items for the bride to be.  :)  

the game was she had to guess who brought what item on the clothesline.

good fun for all!

eeek!  a party crasher!!!!  
she flew down the stairs......dressed in some major fashion disaster 
and proceeded to unload her purse and babble endlessly about nothing :) 
we were rolling in laughter!

nice hair tie.  

she ran away (literally) when she pulled out an invitation 
from her purse that noted a slightly different address than mine.

total chaos.  total fun.  so much laughter!

we all had to remember what was in her purse. :)  i had the list.... :) (wink)

what a fun group of girls!!!
(let us note.  i am 10 years older than these girls :) )  

carry on.

my beautiful sister in laws (mr. daddy's sisters), my beautiful future sister in law, and me!
i am so blessed!

on to the wedding!!!

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