fall mantle, tablescape and barstools

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

i love fall.  a lot.  i love that the sun is shining but the air is crisp.

the fragrance of mulling spices and yummy candles filling the house.

jeans, sweaters and boots....i could go on and on :)

we recently had our Bible study group over for dinner so i snapped a couple of quick pictures.

since you've last seen the kitchen we have added some new seating.

we went with slipcovered chairs from ikea.  they wash up great and are comfy :)

the barstools are from overstock and add the 
perfect industrial look i was going for up against the brick kickwall

the easy centerpieces were a couple of bundles of dried wheat from michaels.

i keep my fall decor fairly simple.  some fresh mums on the coffee table.
a cozy throw.  can you see the color on the trees starting to change?  

 a few willow branches and a wreath up on the mantle.  

hop on over to julia at hoooked on houses for more fall decorating
and to the nester for more fall mantles!

baby rolls.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

left leg.  neck.  armpits.  wrist.

the rolls.  its what i love :)

weekend reading and a globe

Saturday, September 18, 2010

i came across a stack of 2006 domino issues today while i was
out treasure hunting.  yay!  

because they are out of print i was so happy to find them.

i've only been through two issues 
but so far each one has proven
itself worthy of repeat viewing.  

so much inspiration and loveliness in these magazines

i also found the little globe in the middle to add to my collection.
what a cutie.

paint colors

Thursday, September 16, 2010

i receive lots of emails asking about the paint colors in our home.  

i am going to put them all in one place for reference!  i hope this is helpful :)

kitchen walls:  Benjamin Moore Vapor Trails #1556

kitchen cabinets: Benjamin Moore Fieldstone #1558

schoolroom:  Benjamin Moore Gray Wisp  (this is the same color as Restoration Hardware Silver Sage)

family room (off the kitchen):  Benjamin Moore Vapor Trails #1556

music room: Benjamin Moore Gray Cashmere #2138-60

girls bunk room:  Benjamin Moore Wild Aster #1240 (we had this lightened to our liking)

girls bathroom:  Benjamin Moore Wild Aster #1240 (full strength)

boys bunk room:  Benjamin Moore Winter Orchard #1555

boys bunks:  Benjamin Moore Fieldstone #1558

boys bathroom:  Benjamin Moore  Vapor Trails #1556

master bedroom:  Sherwin Williams Krypton #6247 (we had this lightened to our liking)

master bathroom:  Sherwin Williams Quicksilver #6245

sun room:  Benjamin Moore  Vapor Trails #1556

nursery:  Benjamin Moore London Fog #1541 on board and batten  BM ready mix white on walls

playroom:  Benjamin Moore Winter Orchard #1555

bonus room:  Benjamin Moore Hazy Skies

guest room:  Benjamin Moore Gray Cashmere #2138-60

trim throughout the house:  Benjamin Moore Ready Mix "white"

stretchy bracelets.

Monday, September 13, 2010

these stretchy bracelets.  i really like them!
i typically steer my children away from fads.....because they usually
have something to do with a movie star or book i don't approve of,
or tv show or even those bakugan (sp?) things....no thanks.

but stretchy bracelets shaped like animals, cars and nature?  yes please!

the girls stay up late trading them.  (the same ones from the night before :) )

some of them even glow in the dark.

and each day after all the school work has been completed each child can 
choose a bracelet (or sticker) from the treasure box.  

even hank is getting in on the action.
they are relatively inexpensive (note, i am buying these at big
box stores not the boutiques), don't take up a lot of room, and don't
keep my kiddos from running around.  this is a fad i can live with.

happy anniversary. 11 years on the 11th.

Friday, September 10, 2010

september 11, 1999
i married my best friend.  

11 years ago, a few weeks before our wedding,
 i remember sitting on the shoreline of lake michigan
writing our wedding vows.

going back even further.... i have sooo many wonderful
memories with you stored in my heart.

i remember going to your aunt's wedding.  my oversized sweater
and the navy skirt i made in home ec.

my highschool prom. 1995.  
my super hunk boyfriend came back from college to go with me. *swoon*
i really like your puffy sleeves (thanks napolean)

this picture is for you moz.  
mr.daddy's youngest sister (in braids), who is now a sophomore 
in college!  the other little sweetie is my cousin who i babysat all through 
highschool.  later on she was my flower girl and now she babysits OUR kids!

november 27, 1998.  we took a short train ride to chicago for the day
to hit the "day after thanksgiving" sales (or so i thought).
we wanted to check out the sears tower skydeck at some point and
mr. daddy was very much wanting to go right away so we wouldn't
run out of time.  

we were both leaning over the railing looking over the city of chicago.

he said:  'this would be an amazing place to get engaged someday'
i said (kind of rudely):  yeah...someday

at this point i was still thinking about that looking out at the view.  he wasn't next to me anymore.

i turned around.

he was behind me.  on one knee.

my eyes welled up.  i was NOT expecting this on that day!! :) :)

he asked me to marry him.  i said yes over and over.

then we asked some man who did not speak english to take our picture.  
this is that picture!

and one more picture that night on our way back to the train station.

'be joyful always;  pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances,
for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus'  
1 thessalonians  5:16-18

this is the scripture we chose as our "wedding verse".  

and what a blessing those verses have been.  
we have certainly walked through some rough waters together.
God demands that we pray through them all.  the waters have ebbed and flowed.
they have been smooth and stormy.  

praying together.  giving thanks.  and finding joy.

boy...when things are going good that is so easy to do.  when life throws you a curve ball
those three things can be so so hard. 
they are so important though.  it IS what gets us through.  

i am so thankful for a man who has decided that living for the Lord is THE most important.
he is a leader. confident and driven.  that is for sure.  and i love that.  

my dream was to be married and have children.
i'm living my dream. 

happy anniversary to the man i love.  will always love.  
through good times and difficult times.
through sickness and health.  rich or poor.  
loving God together till death do us part.

friday favorites : keeping it real

do you really want to know my favorites?

this man.

and this man with these kids.

everything else in this world will wilt away and never be seen again.
my husband and children are children of God the Father.
and they will be who i see in heaven one day.

living my life for the Lord means i must keep 
other 'stuff' in perspective.  

yes, decorating and new houses and clothes
are enjoyable.  no doubt.

BUT ....would i walk away from it without turning back?

yes. yes. and yes.

thank you LORD for my husband and my children.
my heart is full of Your joy!

the school room. school is now in session!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

welcome to our school room!  

tomorrow is the big day.  and we. are. excited!!

we have homeschooled our children from the very beginning.
so we're going on 5-6 years.  if you want to count my over ambitious
preschool with our first child! :) :)

i have no greater joy 
than to hear that my children are
walking in the TRUTH!  3 john: 4

during the building phase.

in our previous home our schoolroom was set up in the basement
with very little natural light.  one of the top elements in this
schoolroom was to have LOTS of natural light.

the reading nook.  boone is forever sneaking away to this
couch to read!  the wall shelf just has some favorites in it right now,
but i will be rotating either seasonal or topical books.
awww...remember the pillow from so long ago :)

little dubs is happy as a clam for about 10 minutes in his playpen.
this is his spot when i am reading aloud to all the kids.
typically Bible, history and/or a storybook.

the artwork display wire is from ikea.  i think we typically
have 8 to 10 new pieces of artwork daily.  they don't
all make it to display *smile*.

another fabulous ikea purchase.  a large clock!  great for teaching time
and great for checking what time it is on your own.

the sink with bowls for water when painting.

some schoolroom necessities (at least for us!).  a copy machine/printer and a laminator.

on the other end of the counter i have a jar of sand with a bible verse and a water fountain.
i really like a lot of the montessori concepts, especially the setup of their schoolrooms.

so i included a live plant and this water fountain.  unfortunately, this particular
fountain will not be here for long.  i bought it at target for pretty cheap,
and well, it is cheap.  i can't even hear the water over the motor.  boo.

newer, nicer water fountain is on the list! :)

ahhhh....lamplighter books.  they are so beautiful.  inside and out!
the stories are purposeful and the covering is gorgeous.

Bible books!

each child has a crate where their particular books are kept.  
this is deanie's :)  she is starting fourth grade.

i'm looking forward to the journals.  i don't proof these.  they are for 
expressing thoughts and learning to put them on paper.  

here is one from deanie :)

this is her schedule.  i fill one week out at a time for each child.
usually on sunday evenings.

our bible time basket.  it is the first thing we do each day.
we spread out the sheet and i read a bible lesson aloud while 
the children color or play with something quietly.
we pray and sing.

peek a boo.  this door remains open a majority of the time and peeks right into the kitchen.
i ALWAYS know what is going on in the schoolroom! :)

and now...at this point little dubs has had it.  all soft toys and books have successfully been
thrown out of his playpen.

the rehearsal.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

we had a wedding.  and it was glorious!  remember the shower?  well now
that amazing young woman is my sister in law!!  

i love this shot of pure excitement i got from her the moment i walked in the church for the rehearsal.

everyone practiced walking down the aisle.  figured out where to stand. 
giggled and laughed.
prayed and teared up. 

boone was the ring bearer.  handsome man to the left is mr.daddy's brother

dancy was one of the flower girls.  she took her postion very seriously :)  
i remember being a flower girl when i was her age! 
we had cousins drive up from south carolina.  deanie (on the right) and this cousin 
are 6 months apart and are dear friends.
more cousins! 
the bride and her maids.  is this a gorgeous wedding party or what??
everyone was so happy and excited.
the rehearsal dinner was amazing....my mother in law created these centerpieces!
SO much time, thought and love went into planning this.  
the evening was very memorable.

i even got to get dressed up and got to sit by this handsome man.  :)

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