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Thursday, October 21, 2010

just a quick note.... i started a facebook page that i can update more often than the blog.  it will mostly be "friday favorite" type posts, coupon codes to share, continuations of blog posts....

so come join us!

and yes, the facebook block on my sidebar is somewhat tacky and large.  so far i've been able to figure out blog design and format on my own but i have taken the plunge and am in the process of having someone else design a new look for the blog!

hopefully 'big facebook icon' over their will become smaller and more pleasant to look at!


and here's a little randomness.  boone is wearing mr.daddy's faceshielding, huge, orange, nothing can touch me helmet.

we worked on a trail for the children that leads to an open area...their "fort"

for the love of a picture book.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

a recent nytimes article noting the decline for the love of picture books has done nothing but spur and encourage my LOVE for picture books.  the article, by julie bosman, reports that parents are pushing chapter books earlier in life, thus depleting the demand for picture books.

many picture books carry meaning and thought provoking stories.  the lessons learned through picture books often run deeper than the lessons learned through the "popular" "easy to read" chapter books that abound.

now i'm not here to debate i'm here to encourage the love of picture books.  don't ever stop adding them to your children's library....even when chapter books are introduced.

if you have the them in hardcover

add them to birthday and christmas lists!  make sure to write a sentiment in the front cover including the date :)

my 9 1/2 year old daughter is as captivated by the stories in picture books as her 5 year old brother.  (i am too as i read them aloud!) :) :)

without further ado, i am going to showcase several of the picture books in our personal home library.

there are sooo many more than this.  please share your favorites in the comments!!

help me be good series - by:  joy berry

 bright future books - by:  gary and jan bower

when i first read 'the person i marry' i cried.  the story is beautiful...and the pictures by jan are breathtaking.

more books from the bowers.  beautiful beautiful!

 these are a couple of favorite board books that the little ones really like.

 big thoughts for little thinkers series - by:  joey allen

these books are offered through Answers In Genesis.  go peruse the site....they have a LOT of wonderful resources!

 more beautiful books offered through usborne.


 cloudy with a chance of meatballs - by: judi barrett  

this is just fun!


 because i love you - by:  max lucado

this is a beautiful story!


blueberries for sal - by:  rober mccloskey
one morning in maine - by:  robert mccloskey

 little pea - by: amy krouse rosenthal  cute :)

God's wisdom for little girls - by elizabeth george
God's wisdom for little boys - by jim & elizabeth george

these are favorites!  beautiful pictures, important lessons.

 doughnut day - by ruth ann rudolph
 a home for virginia - by:  patricia st. john


 la la rose - by:  satomi ichikawa


 a giraffe and a half - by:  shell silverstein

we also like his collections from 'where the sidewalk ends'


 the boy who held back the sea - by:  thomas locker


 p is for putt - by: brad herzog

these books are fun to collect. other titles include:  'T is for touchdown', 'H is for homerun' and 'K is for kick'.


the giving tree - by:  shell silverstein  


 the snowy day - by:  ezra jack keats

this is nice because it is a story about the JOY of snowy days!


 first hundred words - by heather amery

this is our second book...the first one became soooo worn.  pointing out these pictures and saying them is a favorite with little ones!


c is for caboose - by:  chronicle books

fun for the train fanatics!

 tinka - by: rainy dohaney

the kids love this tale of little tinka...they made me include a picture. :)


 poetry for young people, robert frost - by gary d. schmidt

the poetry for young people series makes a wonderful collection.  walt whitman, emily dickinson etc.

wow.  i could go on and on.....please add your favorite picture book titles to the comments.  

let's bring them back!  i for one am so tired of seeing the chapter book section full of dark, vampirish, spell binding titles!

refresh the soul.....and get reading a good picture book! :)


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

$250,000 to the winner!
of artprize 2010.

over 1,000 pieces of art to view.  located in various venues within
a certain city perimeter.  fun, fun, fun!

below is one of my favorites.  "the seven days of creation".  made from crayons

beautiful weather, great art, yummy food, cute date.  
makes for a lovely evening. :)

and viewing the art?  its free!

so much creativity.

 behold.  this mermaid is made out of toothpicks!

papercutting.  amazing.
the shadows this piece cast were exquisite.

a gorgeous stencil made from dirt.  it is surrounded by
steel shovels and wheelbarrows.

below is a shelf of several little ceramic cups in shades of gray.

gorgeous oil painting.

beautiful floating steel orbs.  

shoot.  for 250k i might be searching for the inner artist in me. :)

the pumpkin man

Monday, October 11, 2010

we live in a relatively small town.  one of the perks is the pumpkin man.

i went to the same pumpkin man when i was a little girl.
he is kind of old. :)

the pumpkin man has every kind of pumpkin.....and a lot of them!  

the thrill of the hunt.  i say...if you can carry it, you can get it.
the rule of thumb is one pumpkin per person.  we came home with 9. ? . 

hank's face is blurry but its priceless!  he was trying so 
hard to prove he could carry it.

love deanie's humor at the sweet age of 9.5

and dubs....well you're just cute buddy :)

an attempt at all the children together.  poor dubs is crying, honestly,
for no good reason.  just turns the tears on when i say "smile" . ha!

the best part right here.  dickering.  we've never been able to figure
out the pumpkin man's pricing.....i think the more you talk and smile 
the lower the price gets!  this year he started rambling numbers
off like an auctioneer.  hilarious.

boone and hank stopped talking and just looked on.  
mr daddy has a twenty in his hands going back and forth
because the pumpkin man is still deciding.

the whole process is worth the trip.

i love traditions and family.  what a fun night!

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