christmas decorations

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

its the most wonderful time

of the year!   

there'll be much mistletoeing

and hearts will be glowing

when loved ones are near

its the most wonderful time

of the year!

The Lettered Cottage

some of our favorite toys

Saturday, November 27, 2010

here are some of our favorite toys!  maybe they will find their way to your christmas lists this year :)

foam saddle scooter from timberdoodle   this is technically for dubs, but hank is always scooting around on it!  works better on hard surfaces.

smencils.   these are available several places.  timberdoodle, barnes and noble, specialty toy stores.

perplexus. we ALL love to play this :)

haba ball track. dubs (just turned 2) can't get enough of this!

heart club dolls.  MUCH preferred over barbie.  soft, flexible, modest shape.

chess.   we have this particular board by melissa and doug but really any set is fine.  just get playing!

the mudroom. for a large family.

Friday, November 12, 2010

when we were working on the design of the house one element remained constant:  a large mudroom.

for real too.  we would go through homes that, according to their description, 'boasted a large mudroom' or had a 'very spacious mudroom' ....blah blah....and they were NOT overly large.

we go places as a family. everywhere. a lot.  that's 7 bodies, 14 feet, 14 arms.
that means we're all getting our shoes, coats, hats, purses etc. at the same time in the same
room.  which, whatever, i mean we did that in our old house, i just had to be really organized and patient.  and its all good.  but since we were building a home this was an area that we wanted to do differently than most homes.  

the floor is a very forgiving dark gray slate.

 the window seat lifts up and currently we have beach towels and beach bags in there from the summer.

we still wanted to incorporate a closet for my tablecloths and more coats with room for guests to hang theirs if necessary. so instead of ALL individual lockers we made a double door closet.  
 this is what the inside looks like.  this one is mine. :)  we have 5 double hooks in each locker.

 this is the view from the other end.

i had to add this picture. :)  we just came back from a family vacation and i found this little metal "7" in a shop in beaufort, SC.  it's hanging on our be kind picture above the drinking fountain.  

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