Monday, February 21, 2011

ice storm

we had a thunder storm, hail, rain and snow all at once last night.

the power lines are down.  we're hunkering down over at my inlaw's, who live two miles away, but have power.

this part is pretty.

this....not so much.  our power pole has found a new home.

power should be back thursday or friday.   we're hopeful it may be sooner though!


  1. Oh wow... although the pictures are very pretty, I feel guilty for wearings jeans and a tank-top today ;)

    Spring is right around the corner though! :)

  2. Oh my goodness! That stinks! I hope you are staying warm and I will say a little prayer for you and the rest of the week and family!!! xoxo, cat

  3. How much longer is your winter in that part of the country? Here in south Texas, it was in the 30s last week and 78 this week.

    Come on spring!

  4. That is horrible. Glad your in-laws live so close, so you have heat. Praying for all of you!

  5. While we got pelted with over 8 inches of snow today, I am thankful it didnt include ice, although it was forecasted to.
    At least you're all safe and sound for now. But heres hoping you get power soon:)

  6. so, so sorry that you're out of your house while you wait....
    stay warm and have fun!!!

  7. Oh how awful! (Although the photos are beautiful!)

  8. Oh, that's pretty bad. Hope you get power really soon. It's only fun being away from home for a little while. Take care!

  9. Oh no! It is beautiful (from here) but I'm sure its a mess. Stay warm and safe and I will keep ya'll in my prayers.

  10. I knew the outside of your home would be beautiful, but it is fabulous!
    Hope you are back in your warm home soon!

  11. I don't miss the reality of ice storms but as a child I loved what they did to the trees and the beauty of the "glass" on the limbs.


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