Thursday, February 17, 2011

volcanoes: homeschool style

a couple of weeks ago, i mustered up the enthusiasm for a little science experiment. 

i used the volcano kit from usborne books.  since science isn't my forte, i have no problem purchasing kits to make it more enjoyable for me. :)

we looked up several various websites listed in the book for additional reading and information about volcanoes.

we mixed the baking soda, vinegar, dish soap and waited.....

the anticipation!

the funny thing took a LONG time for anything to happen.  and it was, well...not super exciting.  kind of like fizz bubbling over.  i think the ranch dressing bottle we used was too big.

next time we'll use a little jar and a LOT of vinegar/baking soda mix!

the kids want to do it again though. :)


  1. Next time, use Dry Ice - it rocks volcanoes!

  2. My girls would love it if I mustered up enough....guts, I guess... to do this with them:)
    Side note: where is that fab headband from on your DD? Its beautiful:)
    *Im having a week of giveaways for my followers! FunkyVintageKitchen earrings and a gift set are up for grabs so far. More is coming!

  3. I need to order one of these. We're leaving on Sunday to live in Italy for 8 months and Vesuvius will be in our "back yard" and my little ones are in love with all things volcano!
    You're a great mom to do such neat experiments with your kids! Homeschooling rocks!

  4. Looks like fun. I need to get a little better with Science experiments. Good reminder :)

  5. My son just did this yesterday and loved it! It's such an easy experiment!

  6. dry ice? woa... i'll think about it :) ~lol~

    sarah...the girls and i make those hair flowers :) thank you for the compliment...i'll share it with them too :)

  7. So fun!! I definitely remember doing that when I was younger :)


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