friday favorites: the medicine chest

Friday, February 25, 2011

i am so honored to be making a little appearance today over at
kirsten is a very talented interior designer located in utah.  peruse through her work over on her blog.  thank you kirsten :)

if you're visiting from 6th street design school, welcome!  please stay awhile :)


for my favorites today i wanted to share how we fight off the flu, colds, earaches, sore throats etc.  we get sick, but we have not had to go to the doctor in years, but once (for strep throat).

here is what i always have on hand.  this stuff works so well for our family i just have to share!

ear aches:

mullein/garlic drops by herb's etc.  it has to be this exact kind.  we purchase ours at the local natural health food store.

the moment anyone complains of achy ears i put a few drops in and have them lay on their side.  for dubs and when the other's were babies i put the drops in while they were in the bathtub or while they were sleeping.  by the morning time you will feel better.  if the ear is achy during the day the 'patient' will lay low and receive the recommended dosage throughout the day as well.

sore throat:

activated charcoal.  my mother in law has used this for years and brought many of her children through sickness' with charcoal.  i keep capsules and powder both on hand.  any brand is fine for this.

for adults, you can either put a capsule in the back of your mouth and let it disintegrate over night, slowly swallowing what is released (put a towel on your pillow)  or you can put a tiny amount (tip of your pinky) of powder on the back of your tongue, every 30 minutes to an hour.


boiron products.  hands down.

never has a cough syrup calmed me down at night when i needed it like this one.  without feeling groggy in the morning too!

the oscillococcinum are tiny little pellets that come in a vile.  my kids think they taste like sugar.  

the key with the osci. and cold calm is to keep them in your mouth as long as possible.  this is easy for everyone since there is no taste.

these are a MUST in your mama nurse arsenal.  

the other thing we do with a cough is put cold packs on the chest.  lay a towel down, then the cold pack. keep it on for as long as you can stand it.  the older kids, daddy and myself will put it on at nite before we go to bed if a bad cough is present.

hopefully you won't be needing to use any of this, but if you're not feeling well, i hope this helps!

time to ski

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

living in a state that brings a lot of snow you have one of two choices.  embrace it or hate it.  since we won't be moving anytime soon (or ever), we choose to embrace it.

a couple of weeks ago we decided to hit the slopes, with five children in tow.

we want to instill in them a love for winter and the changing seasons.  open their eyes to the opportunities available when the snow is thick.  plus... the mom in me prays they will love home so much that one day all my children will end up living right around the corner! :) :)

we went during the least busy week of the ski season.  perfect, less crowds. 

we signed the four big kids up for a few hours of private lessons.  believe it or not, that's all it took!  they had never been skiing before and by the end of the three days the three big kids were riding the chair lifts  and skiing moderate slopes and hank was a pro at the bunny hill!

retrieving our skis from the valet.

deanie is ready to go!  she is almost 10 and learning to ski and being able to do it well was such a thrill for her.

dancy just turned 8 and LOVED everything about skiing.  the chairlifts, the ski boots, the hot chocolate.... :)

on day two we put hank with his own instructor.  the three big kids were making progress and this little man (he's 4) needed to master a few more techniques. :)  

these ski instructors were so great with our children!

super patient, encouraging, and funny.

i was with dubs (short for G.W.) most of the time.  which was totally fine.  i took him down the bunny hill a few times, chilled in the room while he napped, took him to get a snack in the lodge, perused the ski shop.....

mr. daddy was super dad for sure.  he took the three big kids down the slopes all day and survived a tumbling pile up off the chair lift (two times).

we all had so much fun and this will definitely become a yearly tradition!

ice storm

Monday, February 21, 2011

we had a thunder storm, hail, rain and snow all at once last night.

the power lines are down.  we're hunkering down over at my inlaw's, who live two miles away, but have power.

this part is pretty.

this....not so much.  our power pole has found a new home.

power should be back thursday or friday.   we're hopeful it may be sooner though!

friday favorites: chevron

Friday, February 18, 2011

i have been drawn to all things chevron lately!  
this motif is popping up all over the place.  from jewelry to drapery.  

volcanoes: homeschool style

Thursday, February 17, 2011

a couple of weeks ago, i mustered up the enthusiasm for a little science experiment. 

i used the volcano kit from usborne books.  since science isn't my forte, i have no problem purchasing kits to make it more enjoyable for me. :)

we looked up several various websites listed in the book for additional reading and information about volcanoes.

we mixed the baking soda, vinegar, dish soap and waited.....

the anticipation!

the funny thing took a LONG time for anything to happen.  and it was, well...not super exciting.  kind of like fizz bubbling over.  i think the ranch dressing bottle we used was too big.

next time we'll use a little jar and a LOT of vinegar/baking soda mix!

the kids want to do it again though. :)

show a little love

Sunday, February 13, 2011

keeping my promise to myself to get the master bedroom furnished and decorated first.  this is our place to retreat and relax.

its important to me that the kiddos see and know that mom and dad love each other.  having these large canvas', of just the two of us, printed and hanging in our bedroom is one way to do that.

these pictures were taken for our 10 year anniversary.  love.

love birds and love quote.  (prints from etsy. frames from michael's)
*edited to add*  these prints are from this shop

i have my own quiet time here (devotions, reading, journaling, blogging....).

this is the other canvas which is hanging over his dresser.

friday favorites

Thursday, February 10, 2011

i really like this journal.  you can use it for four years.  it captures about 4 lines of journaling each day.

post it pockets.  my sister in law, heather, introduced these to me.  instant organization.

i have two in my pantry.  i keep stamps in one and activity schedules in another.

i have two more inside another cupboard door.  i keep the checkbook in one and misc. papers in the other.  i found mine at target but most office supply stores have them too.  i add a label from my label  maker to the front of these.

boy bunk room

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

the boys bunk room!  yay!  i've been trying to get this post pulled together for some time now so thanks so much for your patience :)

can i just say.  the bunks are a total blast.  the kids love them.  often times those top bunks will have pink pillows and quilts from sleepovers with deanie and dancy.

you can see more of the building of these bunks here.

in our home we have a boy bunk room, a girl bunk room (no bunks), a nursery, and the master bedroom.  
we do have a guest room as well in the basement.  when we first were working on the floor plan we were going back and forth with who would be in what room and what if we are blessed with another baby?  

we scratched it all and went bunk room style.  it has been a very good choice for our family.

we gave the picture that i found in a magazine to the builder.  one of the finish carpenters literally sketched a plan and built them according to the picture!  

i don't know how big the beds were in the magazine picture, but we decided to make ours to fit an extra long twin mattress.  they are nice and roomy.

for bedding i just use a fitted sheet (size twin xl) and a duvet (regular twin size).  i do not mess with a flat sheet on the bunks.  there is space around the mattress so changing the sheets is not a big deal.

the stairs are pretty narrow, with the top landing being a little deeper.  i do have a rule of no jumping off the stairs. :)  in the future i'd like to put a fun picture right up in the center of the back wall.

since we all love to read, incorporating book shelves all over the house was at the top of the list.  in the bunk room we added them to each of the bunks.  this is boone's bunk.  typically he has books spilling off the shelves and tucked into the sides of the bed! :)  i took them off for pictures so you could see the shelves.

each bunk has it's own light that turns on independently.  my dad sells classic cars and his showroom has a lot of period style fixtures and features.  he has push button light switches in the bathroom and i always thought they were so cool.  mr. daddy reminded me of these and thought they would be a unique feature versus a normal light switch.  

the lights do get hot but not scalding.  they're totally safe.  they do cast a slight glow into the room at night but not enough to keep hank awake.  

we also have a rule that when it's lights off, it's lights off.  period.  so turning them on in the middle of the night or whatever is not an issue.

we also put an outlet in each shelf unit of each bunk for the future.  cell phones? ipods?  or whatever will be invented in the next 10 years :)

across the bunks we have a window seat and more bookshelves.  the 3 drawers under the window seat are operable and provide more storage!

obviously, we're still getting settled in figuring out what decor we want so i'm keeping it empty until i find what i like :)

reading corner.

cd player/radio.  favorites are jonathan park and adventures in odyssey.

the right book shelf.  this has some of our audio series and boone's chapter books.

the left shelf.  this has board books, picture books, and some beginning readers.

 the doorway to the right of the mirror is the bathroom.  this bathroom also exits into the hallway. is one end of the bunks.  you can see how its finished off.  also, this is hank before his nap.  you can see where he keeps his books since picture books are too big for the shelf. :)

i snuck back in later....totally cashed out.

i hope you enjoyed the tour of the boys bunk room!  i will list sources below.  i'm sure you'll see more of this room as we continue to decorate :)

bunk room sources:

color of bunk beds:  benjamin moore fieldstone  (same as the kitchen)
color of the walls:  benjamin moore winter orchard
bunk lights: access lighting
bunk light switches: van dyke restorers
bunk light switch covers: van dyke restorers
orange mirror:  ikea
striped curtains:  ikea
orange lamp: thrift store
number lamp shade: helen rawlinson
picture above the radio:  fly away by sarajane studios etsy
play nice poster: john golden etsy
i love you vase:  dollar spot target
little orange clock:  target
orange blanket on reading chair:  ikea
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