building the garden - that will hopefully keep deer out.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

the garden has been started!!  we had this truckload of wood and a pallet of cement delivered for the fence.

my husband stayed home and helped!  this was so great for so many reasons....1. it went way faster
2. he loves doing this kind of stuff and its a great stress reliever for him  3. our entire family participated and  made this memory together!  

i was so happy that evening, when the day was done, thinking about how our children will always remember building the garden with opa and mom and dad and their siblings.....

here is the first hole being drilled.  the men had to drill 26 holes for the posts.

setting the four corner posts was the most crucial.  it was great to see my dad and husband work so well together.  actually, there was one corner that they debated if it was square or not....but that was just funny! :)  sorry.

okay...this was my job.  i had to paint sticky, black tar on the bottoms of all the posts!  i also nailed eight nails into the bottom of the posts before i painted them.  i'm not sure what the nails were for but i just did what my dad said :)  he's built more fences than me.

i am currently, as a result of this project,  sporting a lovely farmer's tan that i must take care of before a family wedding...yikes!

twenty-six posts means twenty-six bags of 80 lbs. cement.  again, so glad my husband was around!  i carried two of these bags and retired from that job.

another funny.  at the very end of the project we realized the pallet of cement was short 1 bag.  by that point i was covered with black tar and looking very dirty and wearing a huge straw hat.  i was voted to go to the local hardware store, grace them with my presence, and purchase the needed bag of cement.  lovely.  

each post was set to precision.  dancy helped with the hose and was the "water girl" while boone was the "level man".  here mr. daddy is pushing the water around in the cement.

dancy helped push the cement on several of the posts.

deanie helped pound nails in the bottom of each garden post.

these two little boys just took it all in.  they caught a toad, walked through a mud puddle to soak their socks, and road bikes around in the woods.  no, dubs can not ride a bike yet, but he wants to so bad!

this post hole digger attachment was the life saver of the day.

almost done with a days work.  storms are rolling through today so we're hoping to get back at it on thursday.

we also finalized the size of the raised beds to go inside the garden.  there will be twelve 4x12 beds laid out in two rows.

to see the inspiration and early prep for the garden click HERE.

friday favorites: another video

Thursday, May 19, 2011

i have another video of favorites for you!  i decided NOT to go with the sweaty headband're welcome :)

1.  MiO liquid water enhancer - i found mine at the grocery store but i saw it at target today.

2.  Large Family Logistics by kim brenneman.  since making this video i've found that kim also has a blog. you can visit her HERE  

3.  Bible studies for each book of the Bible by Warren Wiersbe.  i am using the one on the book of daniel right now.

to view more of my favorite things click HERE


i am heading to a homeschool convention this weekend with some girlfriends and i am SO excited!  this is where i purchase most of my curriculum for the next year.  a follow up post with what choices i made will come soon.

have a great weekend!

garden inspired by lisa bynon

Sunday, May 15, 2011

this month's issue of house beautiful showcased this gorgeous outdoor garden owned and designed by landscape extraordinaire, lisa bynon.

eight foot tall wooden fence with wire, enclosing raised bed gardens.  isn't this garden amazing??

me and my big ideas.  my husband cleared the area and that pile has been burned.  my dad came over and scouted out the land.

my dad designed an awesome fence and gates inspired by the lisa bynon gardens......i'm so excited!!  we're hoping to start the week of the 23rd.  i'll keep you posted. :)

creating a charleston-like window box

Friday, May 13, 2011

i like my window boxes full of flowers, overflowing, abundant....well, you get the picture.

have you ever been to charleston, south carolina?  i haven't.  yet.

but when i see pictures of charleston it never fails to include homes with window boxes that are spilling over with glorious color and full to the brim of floral goodness.

for my color scheme i stick with red, white and green.  it is very traditional (which fits the style of our home) and it makes my time in the flower greenhouses go much faster.  i go right to the red, whites and greens.....

this is how i filled our two window boxes this year.   i can't wait to see them fill out and mound over!

back row left to right:  1. Calliope Dark Red Geranium 2. Cornerstone Phormium Spike Plant 3. Calliope Dark Red Geranium

front row left to right:  1. Lemon Licorice 2. Snowstorm Giant Snowflake 3. Fame White Petunia  4. Snow Princess 5. Fame White Petunia  6. Snowstorm Giant Snowflake  7. Lysimachia 'Aurea'

 these window boxes are the nantucket window planters from Grandinroad.

for my soil i used a mix.  the bag on the left is a lighter weight, fertilized mixture from the garden shop.  the bag on the right is regular potting soil.

i layered the two soils until the planter was almost full

i also sprinkled osmocote slow release fertilizer throughout the soil.  

i always start from the middle and work my way out.

when all the plants are in i give it a good water and wait! :)

mother's day and a half marathon

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

we did it.  we ran our first half marathon...on mother's day no less!  

my husband did awesome....he really wanted to finish under two hours.  he ran it in 1:55.  i ran it in 2:15.
i already want to do another one for a better time.

my mom's side of the family wore lime green shirts and cheered us on.  my husband's side of the family cheered and my father in law took the kids from 5am to the finish line.

here is my husband throwing his over shirt to deanie.  there were thousands of runners and music and bands every couple of miles!

that evening after everyone took a nap, we go together for dinner to celebrate mother's day.  this is my beautiful mom.....i love her!

and this is my beautiful mother in law (who also ran the half!) and i love her too :)

half marathon update - keeping it real.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

****since making this video God had answered a prayer!  you'll hear me express my anxiety regarding a specific part of the 1/2 marathon course.  this afternoon a friend from church, who lives ON the hill, told me they are staying home from church to cheer on the thousands of runners.  including me!  she even offered to run up the hill with me.  all i can say is 'thank you God'....truly.  i MUST trust that He will give me the strength. *****

well, i'm attempting another video.  and keeping it very real.  i figure it will either one, make others feel more comfortable in their own skin or two, totally backfire making people cringe with the lack of makeup and slightly heavy breathing.  take your pick.

on a side note:  the weather is finally turning the corner around here.  the drawer fronts of the dresser in the music room have been painted for almost one month now!  i'm hoping to finish up the base and have a music room tour soon. :)
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