a vintage 40's wedding

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

we're back from st. louis where we celebrated my brother in law's wedding.  remember the bride and groom are heading for san antonio, texas?

the wedding was a lot of fun.  several guests donned 40's attire and music was intertwined through the ceremony and reception.  the groom sang, friends and family sang and performed.  good times.

julie is a gorgeous smarty pants doctor and luke is a good looking smarty pants lawyer gone full time musican!  our best to you both!

my husband and his 6 siblings.

now we're home and back into the full swing of summertime!

summer vacation - michigan style - part 2

click here to see part one of the vacation.

someone asked me why we chose northern michigan for a vacation.  well it was close enough to drive to in one day, the lakes are clear and beautiful, its not the "city"...it's more relaxed and calm, the scenery is beautiful, its affordable, and there are so many quaint little towns to meander to.

we took two days of our vacation to drive around northern michigan.  

our first stop was at black star farms.  we drove through a gorgeous driveway surrounded by vineyards to end up at this beautiful inn and winery.  

we were there on a thursday morning, so it was not very busy at all.  

we stopped in to the retail shop/wine tasting room/cheese making viewing area.

dancy found the sparkling grape juice to be delicious.

dubs liked watching the cheese makers.

oh so many wines.  now, i am not really a wine drinker myself.  if given a glass, i will tend to sip on that one glass all evening.  i do find the process fascinating though.

we came across one white wine that even i found to be delicious!  it is the late harvest riesling.  again, not a big drinker, but we did purchase a couple of bottles for gifts and a couple for ourselves.

there was an extensive farm area for us to walk around.  we visited the goats, pigs, horses, ducks, and roaming chickens.

then is was back in the car and down the road a bit to sutton's bay.

isn't this phone booth too cute?  there was a working pay phone in it.

there were several art galleries and quaint little shops.

i really enjoyed the unique book stores in each town.....this one did not disappoint.

for lunch we ate at martha's cafe.  a MUST stop for a fresh, delicious lunch.

this is martha!  she was so sweet to all of our kids :)  we visited with her a little while and she shared the story and her love for martha's cafe.

this was my chicken salad with asparagus and ham sandwich.

of course i peeked my head into all the little home decor stores.  this one was my favorite!  at home.
those blue candlesticks are now in my front foyer :)

here they are in clear.  the ladies will gladly ship them to you! :) :)  give them a call. 231-271-4664.  i wish i got their names, they were so helpful and kind.

what a cute storefront!

of course a stop at the candy store is a must.  we keep it simple.  one item, nothing that spins or takes batteries.  the suckers and rock candy held us over until we reached our next destination.

leland, michigan.  otherwise known as "fishtown".

i really liked leland.  several of the stores are built up on the wharf with gravel walkways.

there are also several stores up on the streets.  another cute bookstore!

we found a pottery store in leland that i really liked!  the artist, ben maier, was not there but much of his work was just my style.

several light colored pieces with simple lines.

this technique really caught my eye.  we came home with some soup size bowls that looked like this vase.  white with grey edged sections.  i would love to add more ben maier pieces to my collection!

we took the kids out to the marina and looked at all the ships.  there are fishermen everywhere!  
we loved spending time together, exploring michigan.  this vacation spot will definitely be repeated!

summer vacation - michigan style - part 1

Thursday, June 23, 2011

we just returned home from a northern michigan vacation.  if you have never traveled these parts, please put it on your list of places to vacation!

full of fresh water lakes, adorable towns full of boutiques and local eateries, wineries, and gorgeous gorgeous scenery.  gorgeous.  

we rented a house for the week on one of the several beautiful inland lakes.  take your pick from glen lake, silver lake, torch lake and on and on......

oh, and if you're into fishing....well kevin vandam IS from michigan :)  boone caught this fish.

seriously, moments like this melt my heart.

there was lots of kayaking,  paddle boating, tubing, boat rides and turtle catching.  the water is so clear and i love not worrying about the salt getting in eyes and mouths.....

we painted the back of one turtle with nail polish :)  maybe someone else will find him one day....

on to the eateries!  in traverse city we ate at poppycocks.  it was fabulous!  fresh, eclectic and right up my alley!  the grilled eggplant bisque was de.lic.ous.

another great stop is the blue tractor.  yummy grille type food in a cool atmosphere.

downtown traverse city is full of wonderful boutiques, bookstores, restaurants, art studios and home stores.

as you drive along you'll notice several barns!  this was taken while we were driving out my car window.  someone could definitely make a picture book photographing all the cool barns in northern michigan.

oh! and the antique shops!  there are so many, and they are great!  this one, lilacs antiques, is in elk rapids.  i am collecting plates for a plate wall so plates were what i was on the hunt for this trip.

while in elk rapids we ate at pearl's for dinner.  spicy, new orleans menu that was wonderful!  they have a very friendly kid's menu as well.

this is the crawfish & corn chowder.  delish!

to be continued..............

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