summertime roundup

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

the three big kids recently played piano at a local coffee house.
their teacher wants them to experience playing outside the home besides the recitals.

they loved it.

i did a lot of canning this summer!  my first time ever.

now i'm done.

well....this zucchini relish is awesome so i will actually be making up
another batch with my frozen zucchini.

did i mention we had zucchini coming out of our ears?  my goodness....i had
no idea that one raised bed would yield so much!

dubs got his first haircut by a professional.

i really want this buffet for our downstairs bathroom.

it's at the local consignment shop.  well it was anyways....i took this picture with my phone
awhile ago...shoot.  i better go check out the situation.  isn't it amazing?

i found this (old) picture on my phone reminded me that we have added
quite a few fun touches to the house.  1, 2, 3.......

guns and butter. butter and guns.

Monday, August 22, 2011

i heard that term "guns and butter" so many times in my college econ classes.....seriously.  
couldn't the same curve be shown using "lipgloss and chocolate"??  ....i digress........

the other night i asked my husband if he would run to the store for some butter and milk.  
he took boone with him.  
this is what they came home with.  
an airsoft gun (it shoots plastic bb's).  and of course butter.

i mean gander mountain IS right across from the grocery store.
this little guy was pumped.

the other kiddos were all smooshed to the windows.
wishing they could be outside during the training session.

of course it was hank who paved the way.
snuck right out with this cheeky grin.

daddy gave this $12.00 bad boy its trial run.

oh yeah.
time for boone to shoot.

he has a pretty dang good shot.

i kid you not.
THIS was his expression after he shot.
he is so excited to have a gun. (only to be used with daddy)
boone also saved enough for a bow and arrow set from vision forum.
its on its way in the mail.
let the boys be boys!  they love it!

and here is his fan club.
each one sneaking down but having to stay on the towel.
i do NOT need anyone shooting an eye out.
let the fun begin :)
makes me wonder what they'll come home with next time we're running low on butter?

how i use pinterest.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

the pinterest craze is here to stay in my book.  from a marketing brain i think its genius.  from a consumer brain i think its genius.  and from one diy decorator to another.....genius!

this is an example of how i use pinterest.  one day i wanted to change up my mantle.  so i went to pinterest and put "simple mantle" in the search box.

here is my mantle before the mini makeover

here is my mantle AFTER the mini makeover

and here  (below) is the inspiration picture i used from pinterest.  

elements i replicated:  two jars on the left.  two candles on the right.  small vase of flowers.  and instead of the airy coral piece (which i didn't have laying around the house) i layered a small mirror

i also found this super cute idea of tees in a jar awhile back and pinned it.  here is that idea come to fruition.

family time at the beach.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

on sunday afternoon two weeks ago my husband asked me if i wanted to go to the beach with the yes!  a total impromptu trip.

one bag.  5 suits. 3 towels. 2 chairs. 
the kids changed into their suits in the car when we got there and had a blast in the waves.  
daddy and i sat in our chairs and watched the fun.  relaxing and happy.  it made me feel like a good mom.

summer nights.

Friday, August 5, 2011

summer nights we often drift outside after dinner for a little ice cream or popsicle.

can you just hear him saying "more.....moooorrrre".

ice cream time carries over into a little golf time.

dubs already knows have to call out the shot.

and this is his reaction to a "miss".......falling on the ground, not getting any sympathy, then getting back up to try again. :)

oh wait! "look a ladybug!"

okay....and THIS is what happens when the lawn mower runs over the golf balls left in the yard.  i have a feeling this will happen for the rest of our lives.

then to top off the evening grandma and grandpa came over.......and the kiddos migrated downstairs to help us snap beans.

i really do love the long days and the quiet nights of summer.
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