first day of homeschool 2011!

Monday, September 12, 2011

deanie is 10 1/2

dancy is 8 1/2

boone is almost 7

hank is almost 5

homeschoolers are so ummm....different.  *smile*

the night before i set the school table

each of the four big kids (the ones actually doing school) got a package of fun pull apart erasers and smarties.

of course dubs got a pack of smarties too :)  the kids had so much fun going into the schoolroom in the morning and finding the surprises.

english was the first subject we tackled for the day.

this is my area in the schoolroom.  i found this desk over the summer and painted it gray.  i love having my own spot.  and yes indeed, we had to pull out the teacher's manual for math on the first day! :)

a couple other new things this year are the big white board and the stick on world map, both from the office supply store.

boone was so excited when he completed his first real english lesson!

one of the many joys of homeschooling right here people!  opa came over to bring lunch and stopped in the schoolroom to check out all the work that had been done. :)

hop on over

Saturday, September 3, 2011

to a la mode....

shelli is hosting a little home tour of august fields today.

her blog is awesome so i'm sure
you'll love perusing around a bit...and say "hi!"

have a great weekend!
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