thanksgiving 2011.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

thanksgiving 2011.  what a wonderful day it was!

we hosted my husband's side of the family.

i made a few dishes using recipes i found on pinterest (check out my thanksgiving board).  including this pumpkin pie!
boone requested it.  i wasn't a fan of pumpkin pie....until now.  this one won me over.

 the kid's table was super simple :)  i did pick up some cute pilgrim hats from hobby lobby that they enjoyed coloring.

the adult beverage table.

 i shamelessly had deanie snap a picture of me and my cute husband.   :)

a few more pictures of the yummy food.

rye bread appetizers.
one loaf of mini rye bread (found by the deli counter)
mix chopped onion (i use sweet vidalia), mayo, and parmesan cheese.  broil for 2-4 minutes.

oreo turkeys.  the kids LOVED these!  but please note....i had planned on making them with the kids.  so glad i didn't as these are pretty laborious.  my kids were disappointed at first, but when they saw how long it was taking me they were fine to go play and leave me with the turkeys.

oh, these were good!  marinated mozzarella wrapped in prosciutto, topped with sun dried tomato and basil.
check my pinterest thanksgiving board for the pie, oreo turkeys and mozzarella appetizer.

the official turkey carver!  this is my father in law slicing up the turkey that my mother in law prepared and brought over.

and here is my favorite Bible passage to read for thanksgiving.  psalm 100.

the four big kids read this for part of our dinner devotions (hank was cut out of the picture...sorry buddy.)

mr. daddy followed this up with a reading from c.s. lewis called 'the necessity of tribulation'.  it is a daily reading from "The Business of Heaven".

this was the only picture i took that shows all the food. :)  that's moz, my super stylish sister in law and on the left is my dashing, smarty pants brother in law.

games galore.  euchre, pictionary, scategories, chess and speed scrabble.

we settled down and pulled the computer monitor into the family room and streamed in a movie from netflix.

and when everyone had gone home just me, moz and susie put hair styles on pinterst to the test.  this braid is super cute no?
at 1am i finally gave them a hug and went to bed.  happy thanksgiving!

thanksgiving eve

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

thanksgiving eve proves to be a favorite day of the year.... prepping, cleaning, baking, the anticipation of delicious pies that will be arriving to my home shortly.....

this year i'm contributing mashed potatoes (pioneer woman recipe)
classic green bean casserole
vidalia onion dip
onion cheese on rye bread appetizer
mozzarella ball appetizer
pumpkin pie 
and little oreo turkeys for the kids.

earlier today this was going on in the kitchen......

 the turkeys are almost done....

and the table is set

i'll have a more detailed post this weekend.  but now i'm ready to hit the hay.

happy thanksgiving!

giving thanks - always and corrie ten boom's strength.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

as i begin to busily prepare for thanksgiving i feel the Lord preparing my heart.

lately, i am being reminded in various circumstances to be thankful.  always.
and not just for the good stuff.

many lists and prayers of gratitude (including my own) go something like this:

thank you for my family, for a warm home and clothes.  
thank you Lord, for all you have given us.

how often am i thankful in ALL circumstances?  for ALL things?  even the mundane or bad?

 a recent reminder #1

1 Thessalonians 5:15-16
Be joyful always; Pray Continually.  
Give thanks in all circumstances for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus.

oh how these precious words have carried me through.  when i can open my eyes and heart and receive the truth that God loves me....plain, ordinary, me....i realize that HE WILL work ALL things to HIS glory.

i have seen this in my life over and over and over.  finding the strength to be thankful (through continuous prayer), brings me joy.

a recent reminder #2

the true story of corrie ten boom and her sister betsie.  revealed in the book "the hiding place"

please find time to read this book.  it will soften your heart and strengthen your soul.  

in this book corrie unravels the story of her family hiding a jewish family in her home, being sent to scheveningen (a dutch prison) then on to vught (a dutch concentration camp) and finally to ravensbruck (a women's concentration camp).

throughout her life corrie struggled honest struggles of "why?" 

from the book the hiding place, corrie writes:
"It grew harder and harder.  Even within these four walls there was too much misery, too much seemingly pointless suffering.  Every day something else failed to make sense, something else grew too heavy."  

such raw, vulnerable truth into her soul.  corrie does not sugar coat her struggles and the strength God gave her to see them through.  she continues to share how the Holy Spirit gave her strength to be thankful in ALL circumstances.  hardly comprehensible to even think about amongst such cruelty.  

as thanksgiving draws near i am praying, earnestly, to give thanks in ALL circumstances.

Friday favorites: toys

Friday, November 18, 2011

With Christmas quickly approaching I've decided to have couple of Friday favorites designated to toys. Look at previous friday favorites which include more toy reviews.

These are all toys that we have and really like! It's got to be good to make it to Friday favorites.:)

Keva blocks
Boone just received these for his birthday and they are awesome! Great for ages 5 to adult. Possibly younger if there are older siblings or adults to play with. We have the 400 piece set that cam with a canvas storage bag. I recommend this size set to allow building the bigger structures and to share with siblings and friends.

We have other wooden blocks but it's the uniform shape and weight of keva blocks that allow you to build amazing structures! Another bonus is that they're made in the USA.

Perplexus epic
This is like the original perplexus but more difficult. A small metal bead is housed in a hard plastic ball that is filled with a numbered, maze-like track. I would say ages 7 and up. Adults even like picking this up and having their hand at it! A fun toy to play independently.

Dump trucks with a big bed to carry things. John Deere has a nice big plastic one but I'm not brand specific with this toy. Ages 2-6 for us. My little boys love to push a dump truck around the house or outside if it's nice. They will fill the back bed up with little trucks or blocks and haul it around.

Ripider360 bike by razor.
It's like a big wheel bike in front and a razor scooter in the back.

shabby apple giveaway winner!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

what a very exciting giveaway!

when shabby apple contacted me to host a giveaway i jumped right on board....the only thing is i wish ALL my wonderful readers could win.

THANK YOU to all who participated and WELCOME to all my new readers!

Shabby Apple continues to  offer discounts and i will keep those posted and updated above their link in my sidebar.

drumroll please.......................

the winner of the amazing black boogie woogie dress from shabby apple is............

Congratulations callie....enjoy your new gorgeous dress!

stay tuned, my friends,  more giveaways coming soon :)  how fun!

Operation Christmas Child: Fill a Shoe Box! part 2

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

See our first post about filling a shoebox here.

For complete instructions and more insight to the purpose of filling a shoebox please visit

you still have time to fill up your shoeboxes!  
November 14-21 is Collection Week. 
Samaritan's Purse website will help you find a place locally to drop them off.

we switched to plastic containers after one of my readers commented that plastic containers can be reused by the recipient of the gift.  these are sterilite containers from target and were $1.49 each.  

the kids absolutely loved this project!

hank is showing you how to double bag all candy.  i'm pretty sure picking out the candy was his favorite part.

5 boxes ready to go!

Each box needs a $7.00 donation (which is so minimal when you think about the impact).  we chose to donate our $35.00 online and Samaritan's Purse emailed me a confirmation with barcoded labels attached.

I tape the appropriate label to each box and the barcode will be scanned and tracked so we know where our boxes go!

how cool is that??!

here is one of our "boy" boxes.
stickers, ball, washcloth, harmonica, cars, markers, combs, candy, tissues, paper, toothbrush/paste, crayons, jump rope, jacob's ladder, chinese yo-yo, socks

here is one of our "girl" boxes.
doll, candy, washcloth, hair clips, socks, toothbrush/paste, wand, harmonica, jump rope, tissues, tiara/wand, markers, crayons, paper, jacob's ladder, chinese yo-you, pony, combs, ball, stickers

fill a shoebox!

birthday boys.

Monday, November 7, 2011

this is birthday season for our three boys!  

h a p p y  b i r t h d a y
boone turns 7.
hank turns 5.
dubs turns 3.

the themes they chose were legos and john deere.  very similar to last year but that's okay with me!

we had two parties.  one for each side of the family.  one party i focused on yummy food (since there were no little cousins)

and the second party had more games and decorations for all the little cousins.

boone received perplexus epic the morning of the party.  this toy is definitely on my list of favorites.

highlights from party #1:

dancing.  dancing on chairs.

rody.  he holds up to 400 pounds.  so there.

hank received the razor riprider 360.  this bike is loads of fun!

other fun gifts were the lego kingdom castle, playmobil hand launch jet gliders, creationary, john deere tractors .......

and a special john deere silky that grandma made for dubs.

dancy and hank prepping for party #2.  as the kids get older throwing parties gets waaaay easier.  i have so much help!

we held this party on october 31.  we don't celebrate halloween so this was a super fun way to spend the evening!

fun and games with cousins.  yummy food.  and those little stinkers still ended up with lots of candy!

donuts on a string ready to eat.

no hands allowed!

red velvet cupcakes.  yum.

plenty of green and yellow candy.

this was a fun game.  can you believe there were over 500 legos in this bowl!

carmel apples.

we threw two big bags of candy and a roll of nickels into a pile of hay and had the kids search for it.

this was so much fun!

since all the games and activities were outside i decided to have the whole party outside.

food was set up in the garage.

time for a hayride.

this was a highlight!  the kids all wanted daddy to take them around again.

my handsome birthday boys.

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