merry christmas to you!

Friday, December 23, 2011

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cozy nights of christmastime

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

the gifts are starting to appear under the tree.  

anticipation of christmas is growing in this household!

we are continuing our tradition of 4 gifts per child plus stocking stuffers.  
1. want
2. need
3. wear
4. read

i hung the stockings on our front staircase this year.  i like it.  they have always always hung on our
mantle...but change is good.  and its an excuse to use some cute ribbon.

the kiddos are fully aware that daddy and mommy fill their stockings.  not santa.  and they love it!
they still get filled on christmas eve.  personally, i don't understand the big dilemma of saying 'no to santa'.  believe me, there is no lack of excitement in this household!

are those stockings not fabulous?!?  my neighbor (a single older lady) hand made each one for each of us last year.  she could use some extra income and i told her i could probably find some people who would order one for next year (wink wink).  if you're interested email me.  i'm thinking $40.

she is so sweet and has no idea i'm putting this on here.  we'll see.  it could bless her socks off.

outside we put two blue spruce trees from lowes out front and i strung 100 lights on each.

we'll plant those trees in the spring.  perfect.

lowes also has swags of fresh greens in their garden area.  i just tie them up with floral wire under each light and add a red ribbon.  easy and classic.

so tonight was totally a grilled cheese and tomato soup for dinner night.

everyone likes it. its easy and the sandwiches can go on paper plates.  an easy clean up is a bonus!

chunks of cheddar cheese melted on buttered bread?  a simple indulgence really.  and perfect for a cold, rainy night.

the grilled cheese must be paired with this soup though.  we're a two box family.  

just pour it in a pot and is seasoned perfectly.  so good.  it has become a pantry staple.

since this post is full of random goodness i must i stopped by the fabric store.  

i decided 'sara, why don't you make a little handmade present to give to each of the ladies of the family?'

two days.  i can totally do that.  right?  

it was a good excuse to go peruse the fabric store and pick up these lovelies.


Sunday, December 18, 2011

 congrats kate!

your cabbages and roses pillow cover will be sent to you shortly!  

thanks to all who left a comment and welcome new friends.....more christmas posts to come 

cabbages and roses pillow cover giveaway

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

hello lovelies.  i have a fun little giveaway before christmas for ALL of you (even my international readers!)  

i recently was contacted my cabbages and roses and given a sampling of their fabric.  i decided to make a cute pillow cover (envelope style in the back) and give it away to one of my readers!

the fabric was wonderful to work with.  and these florals, mixed  with straight line ruffles?  love it!
this cover is made completely using cabbages and roses fabric by yours truly.

it was great to be at my sewing machine again.

its usually in the winter months when my crafting and sewing pick up.

the pillow cover will fit a 16" inch pillow insert.

this giveaway is for the pillow cover only (made from cabbages and roses gorgeous fabric)

- giveaway closes saturday, december 17, 2011.
- this is open to ALL my readers! yay!

To enter leave ONE comment for EACH:
1.  Follow august fields (if you already follow, awesome!  just say hi :) )
2.  Tweet about the giveaway.


I really appreciate everyone who takes the time to read my blog!

christmas 2011

Friday, December 9, 2011

christmas cheer is filling our home over here at august fields!

downtown disney.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

the week before thanksgiving our family went down to orlando florida with my parents. it was delightfully not busy and the weather was awesome!

the first night we hit downtown disney.  this area is free to the public.  free parking.  

we contemplated taking the boys to the new legoland themepark but honestly the reviews were so so (probably due to the fact that it is new) and we had to be realistic with our time as we were already going to be fitting disneyworld and seaworld into our week.

my mom knew that downtown disney had amazing lego structures set up outside and indeed they WERE amazing!  this fulfilled my boys' lego fix for sure!

the girls had fun choosing a little charm for their "charm it" necklaces.  this was not planned but looking back this is a great idea.  it steered them away from wanting uber expensive frivolous purchases of wands, dresses and other paraphernalia.

we let them choose a charm at three different stores. cute!

oh boy.  dubs was a riot!  he loves toy story.

temporary tattoos.

high school musical (for the music note), belle, finn, shu, and mater.

my parents took us to fulton's crab house in downtown disney.  it was delicious!

a waiter went around doing magic tricks :)

we did not go up in this balloon (it was too windy) but it looked fun!

the night ended with some ice cream!  cookie dough for me. always.
this was day one of our trip.  more to come!
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