Tuesday, October 16, 2012

2 months.

2 months. and he is such a love.  his big round blue eyes are forever exploring everything around him.  

he is really starting to put on the baby rolls!  look at those legs!  

i purchased the lavender baby wash and lotion that is supposed to be calming.....we use it at his bath at night then put the lotion on before bed.  i think it actually does help....at least it calms me too.  bonus.


  1. oh. my. cuteness. what a blessing!

  2. Good heavens, what a darling little boy!

  3. What a sweet sweet prince! I love his little rolls! And, his hair! I have a 16 month old little boy that was born with a head full of dark hair like his, he is our first and I couldn't believe how people were in awe of how much hair he had and never lost any of it. Now I look around when I drop him off at day care and he had/has more hair than most 2 year olds! He's too cute for words! We use the J&J lavender for bath/bed time and LOVE it!

  4. He is just to die for, what a handsome guy. God bless!

  5. He is ADORABLE!!! You can even see a little bit of his "big boy" face! And there are no rolls on that baby!!!! (if only mine were so cute!!)
    What a precious boy~

  6. too precious! my son is almost 4 and i STILL use that bath soap & lotion!

  7. Oh he is absolutely precious!! As is your entire family!

  8. He is adorable. Love those big blues and his hair is so cute!!! I can tell he is going to have quite the charming personality!!!


  9. Really, really handsome! Love these posts...as a homeschooling mother to seven, I take great inspiration in your deep love for your family. Thanks for the refreshing glimpses.



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