christmas 2011.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

christmas was wonderful!  we lacked any snow on the ground (which was unusual) yet loading and unloading the car and carrying stuff inside without worry of anyone slipping was sure nice. :)

i continued the tradition of matching pajamas for the kids this year.  they opened them on christmas eve.  the iron on letters are from hobby lobby, the tshirts were $3! at the hanna andersson outlet this past summer and the bottoms are from children's place.

little dubs especially got a kick out of saying "i'm number 5!" :)

someone asked me about how to handle simplicity of gifts when it comes to extended family.  my answer to that is.....i let grandparents do what they want.  i figure when i'm a grandparent i'll want to do it my way, and if they want to purchase gifts for my kids and watch the excitement i'm good with it.

its a blessing that all of our parents are still with us and the kids can add memories of christmas with them to their hearts.

this was THE cutest / craziest / best photo op moment of the day......  american girl bonanza!  my adorable nieces along with my girls, all expressed their delight and surprise carrying much emotion....

nana was toppled with hugs and 'thank yous'.....

oh yes we did.  boone's 'want' this year was a red ryder bb.  there have already been walks out to the woods and target shooting with daddy.  i'm pretty sure the two of them were shooting of the back deck the other day... :)

we went to our church christmas morning, and spent the weekend with our families.  

i always enjoy the unrushed days of conversation, visiting and making memories with our family.
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