pregnancy update

Thursday, March 29, 2012

so much to be thankful for.  overall i feel great.  i am paying more attention to myself than any other

this includes a daily nap (20-45min.), drinking a LOT of water with lemons and going to bed early.

i have experienced some headaches between weeks 15 and 18.  and some contractions...but none that go on longer than a day.  rest and hydration are good for me. :)

18 weeks.

20 weeks.

here are my previous pregnancy posts

we're praying daily for this little baby and are so thankful for this blessing!

october baby review:

my last post was encouraging you all to go see the movie October Baby.  well we went and saw it and the theater was packed!  it was VERY well done and i just loved how the movie was sensitive to those who have had an abortion.....the testimony told at the end of the movie during the credits was A.MAZ.ING.

if you have a chance to see this film i highly recommend it.

october baby. the movie.

Friday, March 23, 2012

this weekend is not about the hunger games for me.  its about october baby.

mr. daddy and i are driving to the closest theater that is playing the movie....i'm so excited!

this is a movie about forgiveness and REAL life situations.  i am close to several people who are adopted, who have adopted and who are waiting to adopt.  life IS beautiful.

if you have seen this movie i would love to hear what you think!  i plan on giving an update review after we see it tonight.  spread the word!  tweet #OctoberBaby.  go see the movie.

baby update:  feeling good!  tired at night but good :)  tummy is growing like its nobodies business, but thankfully the weather has been sooooo unseasonably warm so i can wear my maxi dresses.

have a great weekend.  hug your kiddos and tell them you love them :)

basement family room

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

i am so excited to add some pizazz to our basement family room space!

all with the help of the amazing darlene from fieldstone hill.  i have mentioned darlene before when i joined  her list of 'master designers'.  (you can click on the logo to the right to read more about that)

here is our basement family room now:

its where we can watch movies together.  have large groups playing games and socializing.

its where i walk on the treadmill and my husband runs on the treadmill.

it is very functional but has not really had too much thought put into the decor.  these couches are 12 years old (still love them!) and and the tables, lamps, etc. all came with us from the move.

its almost been two years since we've moved so we were ready to call upon darlene for some help!

i was put on her wait list............  and it was worth the wait!

this is what she came up with!!  along with a sketch (to scale) of exactly where to put my furniture, and a complete source list, with links, of what accessories to purchase, where to purchase them and where to put them in the room.

i'm chipping away at it.  i've ordered some prints to hang on the front of the bookshelves (i've saved pictures of this idea but never thought to do it!), purchased the paint color for the back of the bookshelves (doesn't that look awesome?!) and ordered up the rug.

once i gave darlene all the measurements she needed (room, furniture windows etc.) she was ON IT!  i really appreciated the promptness and attention she gave me.  thank you so much darlene!

having someone help me come up with a complete look like this has been SO helpful!  i really enjoy design and doing this myself, but working with darlene was a huge treat.

hey girl....

Saturday, March 3, 2012

this site had me laughing ......enjoy the homeschool humor my fellow homeschool friends!!

here are some of my faves.

here we go! baby #6

Thursday, March 1, 2012

i've written this post a hundred times in my head....but i couldn't get my head off the pillow!

we're having a baby!!

fatigue is my most prominent pregnancy symptom....that and, as you can see, general 
growth in the belly area.  oh...this is nothing.  

16 weeks
i am hoping to post about this pregnancy as it progresses.  but this is the real deal people....if your're looking for inspirational exercises and tips on how to keep your legs thin and only gain 15 pounds right in your tummy....well....that's just not going to happen! :) :)  

when i'm pregnant....i. am. very. gain 50 pounds. pregnant.  

the whole family is SUPER EXCITED!!  we're hoping to find out if we're having a little boy or a little girl very soon.

we were going to take progress pictures every sunday because that was the only day i was all dressed up.  it only lasted two weeks.  here are those pics.  

9 weeks.

10 weeks

my first 12 weeks were the most nauseating of all my pregnancies.  i felt very sick and actually was sick a few times...i would get SLAMMED with fatigue.  at a moments notice right THEN i had to lay down.  

i'm feeling really good now....minus the sinus headaches (i'm using my neti pot and its helping!).  i still havn't started contracting, which is soooo great for me!  i always start contracting (braxton hicks) around 15 weeks.  

i make sure to lay down for at least 20 minutes every day and that helps a lot.  i don't really 'sleep' because i need to stay where the action is.....but i can drift in and out pretty easily :)

that's about it for now.  i'm so happy to finally be sharing this news!  

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