its almost baby time!

Monday, July 23, 2012

its almost baby time!!!  i have three more weeks.

i would love to go early.

can i just say THANK YOU to all of you that have taken the time to email me words of encouragement,  inquiring of my well being, and overall awesome comments.  you are all so kind and i really appreciate it!

my lower back is super sore, but i'm not contracting regularly which is a huge answer to prayer!  the hospital bag is on the stool at the end of the bed and i'm adding things to it as i think of them.

the nursery has had a few cute updates too :)

we are all ready for baby #6!

i have been taking the kids to the library a lot this summer.  this is so typical of dubs....and of mama.
i didn't realize, until we're in the parking lot, that he was wearing huuuge tennis shoes, a total mismatched outfit and had snuck his silky into the land of books :) he not the cutest little 3 year old ever???  he kisses my tummy all.  the.  time.  and is super pumped to be a big brother.

i'm throwing this picture in from father's day this year.  the kids were all giving daddy a smooch.  
we gave him a tent.  but its been so blazing hot that they have yet to camp out in the woods....

we had a family wedding last weekend!  hank was the ring bearer and the girls handed out programs.
it was wonderful.

my ankles became non existent by the end of the weekend but they have re-emerged and all is good.

me and two of my sister in laws.  i'm not going to lie, its a decent shot of my ginormous belly so i wanted to include this i love these girls!!!!!

having never been pregnant in the summer i must admit this super hot, record breaking summer is not awesome on the energy level.   but on the other hand i really think this had been my best pregnancy yet!  i am SO thankful for a healthy baby inside me, we're praying for a quick, healthy delivery.

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