baby is here!

Monday, August 27, 2012

its a BOY!  

our 9lb. 10oz. little miracle made a grand entrance into this world.  while we did make it to the hospital,
he was born just under an hour after we arrived!

for now we'll refer to him as little A, here on the blog, until a more suitable nickname emerges :)

he was a big baby, but not my biggest!  hank (the blonde) was 10lbs. even.  and deanie (our oldest) was only 6lb. 4oz.

so i've experienced it all :)

we are all adjusting very well at home and all the kids are smitten with little A.  

for the past couple of days little A has been in a feeding frenzy!  i'm nursing about every 2 hours...yikes!  i'm also pumping in the mornings and he takes a bottle and a paci.  bonus!

this was his first bath at home :)  now he practically sleeps through his baths and loves the warm water. and i love a delicious smelling newborn! :)

look at those lips! :)  little A tends to be a bit gassy so holding him face down on our arm and swaying brings his little tummy relief and as you can see, a very sound sleep.

the girls are having too much fun taking pictures of all his funny expressions!

i hope to post more but must honestly say that for awhile they may be far a few between.  we just have to wait and see how it goes. :)

thank you for all the kind comments throughout my pregnancy!!
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