operation christmas child. time to fill a shoebox (or plastic container).

Monday, October 22, 2012

it's that time of year again!  we get to fill up shoeboxes (well actually we use plastic containers now) and send them off through

the goal this year is to reach the 100 MILLIONTH box since 1993.

please check out our informative posts from last year on

NOVEMBER 12-19,  2012  
are the drop off dates.  so make sure you have your boxes filled by then.

this is a great time of year to really focus on others.  i like that this happens quite a bit before the "hustle and bustle" of the Christmas season.  the kids and i love to shop for all the fun items that will go into the containers!

here we are at target just today.  the sterelite containers are on sale for .92 each!

dancy found a package of combs that we can split up and pack into each box.

we also found these plastic, zip bags with a toothbrush and toothpaste inside.  they were by the travel size items.

we also picked up a multi pack of washcloths and deodorant from target...the rest we'll head to the dollar store for.

for items like:  stickers, pad of paper, soap, small cars, balls, jump ropes, crayons etc.

i recommend using a plastic container so that the child who receives it can use the container for something useful (storage, transporting water etc.).

how does this work?  EASY!!

1.  Pack a Box

2.  Drop off your Box and a designated location.

they even have a pinterest board full of shoebox ideas.  for all you crafty mamas and kiddos.

have FUN with this.  show your children what JOY is to be had by giving to OTHERS!!

TWEETERS:  use the hashtag #OCC100M  to follow the excitement of reaching 100 million boxes.

2 months.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

2 months. and he is such a love.  his big round blue eyes are forever exploring everything around him.  

he is really starting to put on the baby rolls!  look at those legs!  

i purchased the lavender baby wash and lotion that is supposed to be calming.....we use it at his bath at night then put the lotion on before bed.  i think it actually does help....at least it calms me too.  bonus.

the treehouse.

Monday, October 15, 2012

this past spring the kids were out in the woods with my dad (opa) and they all got the big idea to build a treehouse.  

my dad was all in from the beginning.  he had boone draw a plan and asked all the kids to think about what they wanted the treehouse to look like.  

then opa went to the bookstore and bought some books about treehouses.  he drew up the plans himself, considering the input he received from his grandkids :)

one day when opa was out in the woods measuring and putting string out between the trees, my neighbor walked over.  he is a retired builder.  he struck up conversation with my dad and before you know it, he too was all in on this project.  what a blessing!

just like during the garden project, the kids were outside watching and helping every day!

such treasured memories were being captured daily.  as a side note, these experiences help solidify our choice to homeschool.  being with each other through the building process, sharing excitement over the latest completed section of the treehouse during lunch,  helping opa with cleanup and tool fetching as well as fixing and serving lunch.

countless hours have been logged into the playtime in this treehouse already!!!

and every single day (unless its raining) the kids have been in the treehouse.  such a fun project that has proved to be an awesome investment!  thank you opa!  WE LOVE YOU!

first day of homeschool. 2012-2013.

Monday, October 8, 2012

this is our 7th year homeschooling!  

here are our pictures of our first day.  (please notice hank's dress shoes....love him!)

dubs.  3 years old.

hank.  5 years old.

boone.  7 years old.

dancy.  9 years old.

deanie.  11 years old.

our "conservative" school picture :)

and our "we're wild and crazy!!!" school picture.

day one.  baby A is adjusting well to his bouncy seat and swing.  these are two things we use to keep him occupied during school.  or i'm holding/feeding/wearing him :)

dubs is PUMPED to be involved in school this year!  i'm finding a lot of fun ideas on pinterest.
and can you see the workboxes in the background?  i've figured a way to make it work for our family and i reallllly like them!

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