star wars birthday party.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

jedis, lightsabers and costumes oh my!

we recently had a star wars birthday party for the three oldest boys and we had FUN!

i found some fun ideas from pinterest (check out my parties board)

here they are.  the birthday boys.  i downloaded star wars music and had that playing during the party.

i was princess leia and mr. daddy was darth vader.

apparently i don't know anything about anything relationshipwise in star wars....i just wanted to kiss darth :)  the boys yelled... "NO MOM!  He's BAD!"


some of the gifts they received:  new toolboxes!  these are from sears and are around $25.00.  the real deal.  the goal is to fill them up with "real" tools.

lightsabers and legos for sure.  always legos.

the party was also open to any costume other than star wars.  so our family had a pirate and a crazy disco dancer.  little A did not dress up... :)

death star cake and light saber cake pops that i did NOT make.  it turned out AWESOME!

these cookies i did make though.  i found super cute cookie cutters at williams sonoma and just colored my dough instead of icing the cookies.

i love love celebrating my children and the gift that they are!  i like making a big deal out of their birthdays and creating memories that hopefully will be remembered.
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