Some Favorite Children's Book Series

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

We are a family of avid readers! Bring on the books!! When Deanie (my oldest) turned 7 I was having a hard time finding books that were challenging enough yet still age appropriate for a young girl. (I'm just not into Junie B. and Magic Treehouse) She is now 8 and Dancy is 6. We have found some delightful series that the girls and I would like to share:

My girls are actually pictured with the author (Wanda Brunstetter) on this homepage! She lovingly makes herself readily available with lots of booksigning locations.
This series is pure, whimsical, and humorous. My 8 year old reads them with ease and my 6 year old is reading them a bit slower but can still understand the content. They are also great as a read-aloud. We LOVE Rachel Yoder and are thankful that Wanda has persude the call to write literature for our little ones. Thank you Wanda!
This series is for both boys and girls. My oldest received this set as a Christmas gift and proceeded to devour one book after the other! :) They are GOOD mysteries that really do leave the young reader "figuring it out" untill the very end! Thank you Stephen and Susie! *side note* the site that I ordered these books are from (grace and truth books) is a fabulous resource.

Besides being pink and hardcover and looking so cute on the shelf :)....this series continues to be a favorite. These stories are set in the 1840's and as you follow 8 year old Elsie through her life, lessons that run true are taught. *another side note: I also love Vision Forum as a resource!*

So these have all passed my Motherly "appropriateness" test and have brought much joy to my girls and will forever be a part of our family library!!

Do you have any of these? Or other books that you love for young readers? Do share!! :)


  1. Thanks so much for leaving a comment for us. The girls and I have enjoyed seeing your blog, and knowing a bit about your family. May God bless you and your husband as you raise your children for Him. And thanks also for the kind comments about our books. You are at the place that our girls hope to be -- before TOO long! Susie Castleberry

  2. I loved reading while I was growing up, I never read any of those books, but I have heard of some of them.

    I remember liking Caddie Woodlawn and the Ramona books when I was about your daughters age. I think. lol. It's hard remembering exactly how old I was when I liked different books :)

  3. I spray painted those yard sale chairs... but went with blue not green :)

  4. I enjoyed your blog, Sara, and I appreciate you doing such a nice review of my Rachel Yoder children's books. There are 8 books in the series, and Rachel is kind of like Ramona Quimby from the older Ramona series, only Rachel is Amish. I've also written a picture/story book with Amish characters. It's called The Wisdom of Solomon and there are color pictures on every page. You can learn more about Solomon by visiting

    The clipboard you made looks so nice. I'd love to be included in your drawing.

  5. I am especially excited by the Elsie series. My daughter is almost three, so we have a few years before she'll be ready, but I want to remember this! Thanks so much!

  6. I loved Bobbsey Twins and Trixie Belden...both might be too old? It is so hard to find good books...and I love the ones that become collections.

  7. I really, really appreciate you sharing these recommendations!

  8. Hi Sara,
    I recently found a great new series: the Molehole Mysteries by Moody. I found the 1st book for only 39 cents at our local thrift store. My DD and I would read one chapter at bedtime every night. She loved it so much I looked for more on Ebay. Only one person had the books as a set(all the ones BUT the one we already had so it was perfect). I got the other 5 books for only $12.99. They deal with a range of real life issues and are wonderful for young readers. Im going to be using them in my 3rd grade class this next fall(yup...Im going to our private Christian school where the girls will both be).

  9. In Grandma's Attic is another good wholesome series. In the first few books she is young but gets older and they wont be appropiate to read until the kids are older (not content wise just interest wise :0)

    I am new to your blog and wanted to say I am reading it backwards and LOVE your school room! :0)

    Also your photos are beautiful!


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