Thrify Treasures #1

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Ahhh...the joy of finding a good deal, the thrill of the hunt, I'm not sure what it is exactly about garage sales but I LOVE them!!! My children have joined in on the fun too which makes the thrifting so much more enjoyable for me.

Okay, I've started collecting pillows that have a needlepoint design on them but I know that's not what it's called, so if you know please tell me. :) I found this one for .50 cents.

I cut out the design off of the pillow.

Soaked it in a little detergant and let it hang overnight to dry.

I had fun layering it with some cute fabric....this was done by hand, usually in the evenings after the kiddos were in bed

I'm planning on adding a few buttons that Dancy gave me for mother's day :). The finished pillow cover was used to cover an existing plain tan pillow I had. I know the pinks don't go with the reds that don't match the greens...but I'm loving it!

I also found this totally perfect picnic basket that I spotted immediately! $4.00 people. hellooo?? sold. I'm using it to store my fabric and sewing supplies.

And finally, this little green luggage piece ($2.00). I brainstormed at the sale (since we were the only ones there I didn't have to "snag" it) about what I could USE this for??

........our medicine bag! It now Perfectly houses our band-aids, Tylenol, ear drops etc. The kids love it....and litle Hank can't open it. perfect.

If you love sharing your 'thrifty treasures' with others or just want to have fun looking at some more please go over to Southern Hospitality where Rhoda is hosting "Today's Thrifty Treasures"!


  1. oohh - cute idea for a medicine bag!! love it! :)

    I love how you redid the pillow too - super cute!

    Yard sales are addicting and SO much fun!! :)

  2. Love you vintage suitcase. A great way to use it too. Easy to pull down and have everything you need right there. I'll have to keep that in mind.

    Love the pillow too redo too. It is always fun when you can benefit from someone else doing the tedious needlework---said by someone who appreciates the craft, but doesn't have the patience for it myself. ;)

  3. Hi! Enjoyed seeing all of your treasures and I think the overnight as a holder for first aids is my favorite...I just love the unexpected. Visit my blog when you get a forward to getting to "know" ya!

  4. Great pillow project! Turned out super cute! And great idea for a medicine bag/keeper! ~Rhonda

  5. The pillow looks like crewel work and it's becoming very popular, 50cents was a steal. I love it.
    Great idea for the little suitcase and I love the basket! Great finds.

  6. I like how your pillow turned out, especially with the black and white polka dots. Pretty! Love that little green suitcase too!

  7. Your thrifty finds are being put to great use. I'm impressed! Your family looks adorable. I bet there are lots of fun times around your house.

  8. Love your redo on the pillow...looks great! And what a great idea for the vintage suitcase..I'll be looking for one myself. Thanks for the inspiration :)

  9. Adorable!!

    Your pillow is soooo much cuter now. :) Great job.

  10. What an adorable way to re-do that pillow. It is so pretty now, and so vintage, in a good way. Love it!

  11. Hi, Sara, those are great finds. I'm so happy to see so many of you who love yardsales too. They are addicting & so much fun. I think that pillow is just called embroidery or needlework. It turned out really cute.

  12. Oh my...I have one of those in the garage...and how perfect for first aid....going to grab it. I'd wanted to decoupage it, so I can do that with red cross/first aid/booboo stuff on it, TOO.

    Love the picnic basket...just saw one at another blog that she had used chalkboard paint on the cute is that???

  13. Mary, I think your does look like Crewel embroidery. Now I know what I'm looking for! :)...and Susie Q. I'm loving the idea of a little decoupage on the medicine kit!!...that may be coming soon :)

  14. Your pillow is darling! And that suitcase medicine chest cracks me up....great idea! But I used to have a whole set like that - went to college with it (in blue). Way to recycle!! Linda

  15. What a wonderful idea for medicine /first aid storage! Neat!
    Also love the pillow and the picnic basket.

  16. what great finds! the picnic basket is adorable!

  17. Just found your blog and I love it. The picnic basket reminds me of the one we had when I was a child so many memories. Awesome idea for the suitcase. Now I will be looking for one myself.

  18. Your medicine bag brings back memories. My Mom did the same thing her blue suitcase. I am enjoying your website. Thanks, and God Bless.


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