Thrifty Treasures Galore!!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Probably one of the best weeks of thrifting I've had in a long time! :) Real quick, first is another tray that I found at goodwill for $1.00. I will make this a magnet board like THESE for my "craft room to be" or the school room.
Now.....I went to an estate sale...went straight to the garage (where no one else ever goes) and looked in the corner and saw this beauty (the chair on the right) covered in cobwebs and junk. The sweet girl running the sale said, "oh THAT thing...just take it".

"Will do honey." I LOVE the way it sits lower to the ground and is nice and least two little ones could snuggle in there!

The other chair was given to me too and the drawer goes to a desk that I purchased for $20.00. It is going to be my crafting desk...I'm super pumped about that!....but back to the cutest chair ever makeover......
The kids and I washed and scrubbed this down. Then I sanded the thick painted spots....and sprayed a little primer on it.

At this point I began to waiver away from my choices of 'black' or 'heirloom white' and started to think like a crazy happy mom and decided on THIS!

It is so happy and cute in my office slash "soon-to-be craft room" corner. And I think my little pillow looks right at home! Remember it?.....take a look here. My kids love our happy chair already!
Edited to add the color paint i used for the chair:
Rust-oleum Painter's Touch in Satin Aqua
I sealed it, using a foam brush, with:
Minwax Water Based Polycrylic Protective Finish in Clear Satin

Now on to the desk! I found this in the basement of the estate sale (the other place no one goes). It was in the unfinished area piled high with uhlotuhjunk...... I don't have a great before pic...but you saw the drawer and here it is already sanded a bit.
Sanded and sprayed with primer....

Went with a fave...Rustoleum's "heirloom white" ....distressed and poly sealed....

knobs will be coming tomorrow after a quick stop at Hobby Lobby....they'll be 1/2 off. This desk is so quaint and is the perfect size for my sewing machine and craft stuff. I will be working on this area and hope to keep the updates coming! :)

Join Rhoda over at Southern Hospitality for LOTS of fun posts on thrifting!! :)


  1. Wow now that's a great price "just take it" I like that. I like the color you decided on :0)
    The desk is going to look great with the knobs!!

  2. There's an award for you on my WhisperWood Cottage blog! :)


  3. Love all the goodies you found! I am new to your blog and found you through a Soft Place to Land and am going to go scroll through all of your old posts as you have such Awesome ideas!

  4. Fabulous freebie! Sounds like your room is going to be fabulous too!

    I so miss Hobby Lobby! We don't have one out here!

    Thanks for sharing! Looking forward to the finish photos on your sanctuary!

  5. I love that chair! Good for you to do it in blue! I would have done the safe thing, but am longing to do something happy like that myself. That desk is another great find! Can't wait to see it with knobs.
    Mary Lou

  6. Love your thrify finds! That chair is perfect! Can't wait so see the finished desk! Just my style too!

  7. Love that chair & the cheerful new paint color you gave it :)

  8. I LOVE the blue chair!! I just painted my front door a similar color, and I painted a bench blue as well. Great minds think alike ;)

  9. I LOVE your free chair..the color is perfect!

  10. Great treasure hunting! That chair turned out great and I love that desk! I love those kind of finds! They keep you busy all week. :)

  11. Great finds...I LOVE the color on your chair, could you share what brand and color that is?

  12. As I always say, "Cheap is good, free is BEST!" Good buys.

  13. Love how your desk turned out, and the color you chose for that chair--very cheerful! Thanks for the heads-up on the 1/2 off knobs at Hobby Lobby!

  14. Adorable chair! I love the color you chose. I also have some interesting magnet boards in my house. One is a made over metal T.V. tray top and the other is a piece of a metal door panel. Don't chya just love treasure?

  15. Sara, I love your finds! ANd that aqua is such a great accent color to add in a home. Love, love it all.

  16. Wow , you really hauled in the stuff ! I really am in love with your dresser - so much storage !
    Hugs ~ Kammy

  17. Great choice on the color for the chair and the desk is too cute.

  18. Thanks for all the encouraging comments :)
    Thanks too Amy for the Fabulous Blog award!!
    Toni...the color is Rust-oleum Painters Touch in Satin Aqua...then I sealed it using a foam brush with Minwax water based polycrylic in clear satin. I'll post a pic :)

  19. Estate sales are not something people do, here in Quebec. :(
    I will have to check in Vermont at my summer cottage, see if there are some there!
    I am totally loving that chair, and I LOVE the colour you chose for it!!

  20. Can't beat something for free! Your chair turned out so pretty - that's a favorite color of mine! Good job on the desk - I have one I need to paint too but I've got to paint it inside so no spray paint for me!


  21. Great finds! I've been looking for a desk for my son, but still no luck. Maybe this weekend!

  22. Ohh...the chair is lovely...but my "Antiques Roadshow" side came out...that looks like a real antique to me...have seen some very similar on the show....
    It looks lovely in the blue however and in the end it's what you love right?
    Great stuff!

  23. That looks like a jefferson windsor chair.


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