basement walls are poured

Saturday, September 19, 2009

shirtless men ahead...avert your eyes! *smile*

first the forms for the basement walls were set up. the following day the cement trucks rolled in and the walls were poured (kinda loud and dusty!). the kids LOVE watching the trucks!!!

the next day the forms were taken off and waterproofing was added to a section of the walls. i know that some sort of foam has been adhered to a section on the outside of the walls as well but we haven't been up to the house no pics of that.

we are all so excited because monday the workers start framing!

on a side note this past week i had to have the plumbing fixtures chosen for the tubs and showers. at the same time i also picked out fixtures for other areas of the house (the kids' bathrooms, schoolroom, basement bathroom) just to check it off the list!


  1. Congrats on the construction! Visiting from the Nester. Precious family. The painted piano is lovely!


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