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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

last weekend we joined up with 3 other families and drove to the Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky. which is actually just a few miles west of the Cincinnati airport.

as a group of 4 families we had been meeting together for a family Bible study over a period of probably 6 months. we studied 'answers in genesis' by ken ham. he disputes evolution with the book of genesis and i must say....the study was awesome!

so as a finale to the study we decided to all go to the creation museum! as a side note we are huge jonathan park fans and the museum totally ties in to those adventures! FUN!

here the girls are in an area that is to be similar to what noah's ark would have been like. the two men in the front of the picture are mannequin characters.

okay...this picture i think is hilarious! intended to be a sweet shot of mr.daddy, dancy and boone in the garden of eden.........when i downloaded it though i see the risque mannequins of adam and eve!! ha ha :) :) *serious note* it was totally not risque at ALL....they just stand out in this picture and i found it to be so funny!

there were several awesome dinosaur exhibits!! this guy was actually moving and swaying his tail. dinosaurs WERE on the ark cool is that??!!

here dancy and hank look at an exhibit of a paleontologist uncovering dinosaur remains....

the museum also has a special effects theater that the kids loved! there is a planetarium show as well that has seats that you lay back on.

the food was yummy in noah's cafe and the entire facility was super clean and beautiful! we were sad that we did not have time to explore the grounds outside where there is a petting zoo and gorgeous gardens....:( next time! we WILL be back :)

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