beginning to frame the house

Friday, October 2, 2009

this may seem somewhat uneventful for most but this is a way for me to journal the progress of our house :) here the basement is beginning to be framed. the big box on the left is the garage. it will be filled with dirt, and then cemented. the notch at the front of the screen on the garage is the first stall.

here i am standing in the back of the house. the white square to the right is the window in the guest bedroom. this is the basement and the framing is coming right along! :)
this is the following day...i am standing facing the opposite way than the picture above. deanie (in the green shirt) is in the guest bedroom. the steel beams and posts were set. exterior of basement walls were finished and the floor joists were started! way in the back to the right where you see wood leaning against the cement wall in the shape of the letter "A" is the playroom.
whew! then yesterday the floor joists were finished and the baseboard laid for the mainlevel and you can see they started framing the garage! we drove up tonite and i forgot my camera but the garage is all framed

an observation mr. daddy and i have both made is that the size of the house during the different phases of building is so deceiving! sometimes the house seems huge...other times i think "how can this little square be a bedroom?" then the walls go up and you get get a better "feel".......

as far as 'selections' and decisions...right now we have to narrow down our kitchen appliances. we had to have a pretty firm cabinet layout for the kitchen done at this point as well....which we have :)

so far we are loving this process, not feeling overwhelmed and just enjoying! :) we would love to be a good example of working together through the house-building process. i'm pretty sure we'll survive! :) :)

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