framing is almost done

Saturday, October 31, 2009

we're continuing to make progress on the house! and actually the trusses are up so more updates will be coming soon....

here is the front of the house starting to take shape. it has been raining like crazy here so work days are interrupted and not consecutive.....kind of frustrating but progress IS being made and it sure is exciting!

these are the two samples of stone that we are trying to decide on for the front of the house. it will cover the entire center section.

the picture below is the girl's bunk room. instead of separate bedrooms for each of the children we decided to do a boy's bunk and a girl's bunk. that way, Lord willing, if we ever have another child we won't have to RE figure the room situation. i never liked having to do that in this house so this is a great solution for us! :)

this is the back of the house. dancy and hank are standing in front of the garage.

it is rainy and super windy today....but we're still hoping to stop out to the house and take some updated pictures and write more scripture.

on a side note....little dubs first birthday was wonderful!! i'll hopefully get to posting his party soon. he has still not taken any steps on his own.....little stinker :)


  1. yay for a new home! boo for rain. that's what we're facing with our remodel. *sigh* oh well...God is in control.

  2. Hi, I love your blog, great seeing a house being built.

  3. It's so fun watching a house come together! Enjoy the process! Try not to get stressed!

  4. We are starting our new build in the spring and I am in love with your house! We are overwhelmed trying to pick the right stone and it would mean so much to me if you would be willing to share what stone/color you settled on for your lovely home. Thank you very much!


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