first birthday party

Sunday, November 1, 2009

what a FUN birthday party! i was sad my sister and kiddos couldn't come because they had fevers...poor honeys...but they are better now and we can play soon..yay! so the party was simple and sweet. i can do "simple and sweet" with dubs because he's still my baby! :)

below, the "kids" table was set for more seating.

the cupcakes were the perfect portion of "sweet" for everyone. i purchased them with plain whipped frosting and added the chocolate, blue and pearly white sprinkles at home. my sister helped me make the toppers with her cricut machine (she's a scrapbooking hero!) didn't they turn out so cute?? :) oh! and the cupcakes were a total of $5.98 for all 24 from our local big box store....and really yummy. yay!!

getting ready to blow out his first candle! that little hat was 40% off $6.99 at hobby lobby (with coupon). i made the little banner behind the highchair. the baby boy figures are actually one of mr. daddy's first birthday cards that i scanned and cut and mounted on plain card stock. the number "1"s are leftover cupcake toppers mounted on the same card stock. the 'string' is a torn piece of white fabric leftover from my in-laws anniversary party.

he finally started to 'dig in' ! :)

me and my little love.
present time! basil the bunny was cute.

and this little 'hammer' toy....dubs loves this! he pushes the little rods with his finger instead of using the hammer.

and did you know that fisher price relaunched some of the classics??!! they are available at target....maybe other places. i was so excited when i first spotted them. here he is receiving the wind up t.v. that plays "row row row your boat". we also received 'chatter' the pull along phone, and the wind up clock.

and finally my little one year old in all his messy clothes glory. happy first birthday buddy!


  1. Happy 1st birthday to Dubs! Everything thing looks so festive . You did a great job.
    ~Myrna Lee

  2. What a precious baby boy! And I LOVE your aqua piano!

  3. love the cupcakes! great decorations..looks like the party was a hit with your little one! :) great blog..came across it through fabulous k.

  4. He is so cute...he looks like what a drawing of a "perfect" baby would look something out of a Golden Book! Darling.

  5. You throw great parties! I'm getting some ideas... :) Just curious, what is the saying you have above the doorway in one of the pictures? It looks like "be s..." Happy Saturday!

  6. lori, thank you :)

    this was in our previous home and i had one of my favorite verses in vinyl above the doorway....."Be Still and Know that I am God."

    :) it is from hobby lobby.


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