Friday Favorites

Friday, November 6, 2009

a few of my faves :)

i have been wearing this for about 7 years now! currently i apply it over a tinted moisturizer. but it can be applied alone too. i'm just getting old :) i purchase mine at ulta. and as much as i love this product i do despise the word 'beige'. it just sounds bleh.

mmmm......i love love love the fragrance this candle gives! i purchase these at ulta too.

my hair stylist talked my into this tiny little bottle of wonder. :) it is like a fine baby powder. but it emulsifies or something when it makes contact with your hair. i can't even explain the texture it feels like on my products are in a league of their own!

but i love big hair and this is perfect. i dust a teeny bit in the ratty area i backcomb and it keeps the volume there. :) it should last a looooong time because you use such a small amount :)


  1. Thanks for the tips!! I love a good smelling candle. We just got an Ulta in our town but I haven't made it there yet. I will be going this weekend:) Thanks for sharing.
    Blessings to you:)

  2. I have been wearing the same powder foundation. Then my friend had me try her Mary Kay powder foundation and I like it even more & it is cheaper and you get more!!! Love saving money. (love your blog and congrats on such a great blessing, a new home)


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