windows, shingles and dormers oh my!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

my much has been happening at the house! i am so thankful for the dry month of november to make up for the ridiculous amount of rain we had in october.

the shingles are starting to go on. we opted to go with a black shingle that had some definition to it.....which means there is actually a little bit of variation in the color. overall it is black and we are very happy with the choice.

the dormers. i think they may be a favorite feature. they are faux, meaning there is not a room that that they are attached to, they're just for looks. but i think they really cozy up the roof line.

the shed dormers over the garage are real :) they are part of a bonus room over the garage. again, i think they add so much to the roof line.

yay...the windows are in! they will have grates in them but those are added at the very very end so dust doesn't settle in the little spaces.

the basement floor was finally poured. isn't that interesting that it is poured so far into the process? i thought it was! :) they actually cut a hole in the floor of the foyer and stuck a "shoot" down to the basement to deliver the cement and the workers smoothed it.

here you can the pile of lumber 'in waiting'. this week they will be working down here framing. straight ahead you can see the cutout for a fireplace and to the left is the back of the house.


  1. i just came across your blog earlier today. WOW is all I can say about your new soon to be home. How lovely that is going to be. Can't wait to see it finished :O)

  2. I know your home will soon be sweet!
    We are about to embark on a major renovation this Spring.

  3. your new house...looks wonderful. thanks for sharing all of the pictures...i am loving looking at your blog.


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