a merry little christmas recap

Monday, December 28, 2009

i love christmas. celebrating the birth of Jesus, opening a door for the advent calendar with the kids each night, visiting with relatives i only see once a year, eating delicious food and on and on!

here is a little picture recap of our celebrations....

each child had four gifts under the tree. want, need, wear, read.

all the children raced downstairs christmas morning to open stockings! we don't do santa claus in our home. the kiddos know we fill the stockings and trust me, it doesn't make it any less exciting :) christmas morning creates so many memories for our family. ah yes, you see correctly, little dubs did not have a stocking. he had plenty of fun frolicking around in all the paper!

this is dancy on christmas night at bedtime. she received a music maker harp and art supplies (from hobby lobby) and felt it necessary to sleep with all of it :)
boone joined in the annual family bingo game at my parents house. last year it was a penny for every bingo you got...this year it was quarters! :)

our family picture. i wore the green scarf (old navy) to every party. :)

merry christmas from our family to yours! and cheers to a happy new year!


  1. Great pictures! Looks like a lovely Christmas.

  2. What an adorable family! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  3. So sweet. Love all your traditions. Want, Need, Wear, Read.....what a great idea.
    Btw, a while back you posted about your favorite things...one of them being Ulta's candles. I picked two up today on sale!!!! Yippie:) Thanks for the tip. They smell great!!

  4. I LOVE your idea for gifts...1 want, 1 need, etc. I may have to be inspired by that for next year! I love the Lord too and I have 5 kids...but they're almost all grown up now:( AND I live in a field:)

  5. Thanks for giving me your address Sara. Love the present ideas... Want, Need, Wear, Read. Cute kids btw.

  6. What neat traditions. You have a gorgeous family!

  7. Y'all are such an ADORABLE family! LOVE the color combo and matching Outfits!

  8. I love your christmas gift idea: Wear, Need, Want, Read! I may have to borrow for 2011! :)

    Where do you buy the kids matching Christmas PJ's? They are so cute!

  9. love your blog - saw this as i was skimming blogs for christmas ideas ... totally love the want, need, wear, read idea - we've always done just 3 gifts for each boy, now this will help give me direction! i'll just put the 'read' in their stockings!! again, THANK YOU!

  10. i'd like to know where you got your stockings from, please! they are adorable! ewiezbowski@yahoo.com


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