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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

my goodness. the house in the fields is on a roll! things are really picking up, lots of contractors at the house and many decisions are having to be made. we are still really enjoying the process and the whole family is having so much fun watching the house be built!

below is a picture i took at the flooring store that captures the overall color scheme. those are not our actual cupboards or wood floor but they represent the colors we'll use for those items.

BUT....those cute cute teeny tiny little hex tiles??? girls. bathroom. i think they're just adorable.

dubs and mama. this is his usual mode of transportation. the sling. you can see the insulation behind me.
more insulation in the bonus room and lots of little blue electrical boxes. see the little room on the right with the angled door? shhh......it's a surprise secret hideout for the children! we've scattered three of them throughout the house.....they know about the other two but think that this one is a closet.
below is a picture looking into the bathroom. the room beyond (with the window) is a laundry room. so.....the bathroom. see the white plumbing line and silver air duct? right between will go an old wall mount sink i picked up yesterday and is currently in the back of my truck. so excited! i hope we can make it work.


  1. What fun it seems to be building your house. I love the colors you chose. Especially the hardwood and the subway tiles.
    I love the idea of using the little unused spaces in your house for fun kids play areas. We did that in our basement. My parents actually used a space similar to yours and made a replica of their house using left over siding and roof tiles. I posted pics on my blog a while back if you would want to see.
    Blessings to you! Thanks for sharing your building process. We hope to be there some day....we are busting at the seems right now and really need more space. Oh, how I would love to pick your brain about land hunting, house plans, and the building process:)

  2. You won the Sis Boom dress!!!! Luck is on your side !!!! Send me your address!!! You will look super !!! Love your blog and all the beautiful kiddos!!! Congrats! Jennifer

  3. The itty bitty hex tile is simply my fav. I'm thinking about that for our master bath!

  4. I found your blog from Style Your Life & I am loving it. Your kids are truly adorable!

    We have a lot in commmon - I have 2 toddlers & my husband and I built our dream home from 2006-2007. It took a full year because he built it himself with help from the family - a very LONG process, but great rewards! I definitely can't wait to see how your home develops - it is absolutely gorgeous already!!


  5. You are going to be AMAZED when you look back on these pics a year from now! Love the hidden kidlet places!

  6. how wonderful. simply wonderful.


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