house update: trim, wood floors, tile

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

i have lots and lots of pictures to share!!  so many changes are happening at the house.  tile is being installed, wood floors laid, crown moulding put up, and built-ins are getting started.

master bathroom....starting to take shape....

and more recently.  windows trimmed out, carrera tiles starting to go down....

boy's bathroom.  i am standing in the bunk room looking into the bathroom.  
the hallway entrance is to the right.  

straight ahead is the tub/shower alcove.  square, glossy, grey tiles.
on the floor:  tiny white rectangle tiles with grey grout.

the nursery.  this will be one of my favorites to finish up :)  i'll be posting more about it later!
oak floors are down.  they will be sanded and finished (painted white!!).  
board and batten up. 
this room will eventually transition to something else when we are no longer 
needing a nursery :(

school room.  built ins are almost done!

mud room.  we went with a dark slate with dark grout (my flash is deceiving you).  
we are very pleased with the way this has turned out!

side porch.  the door will be varnished so it will have a little pizazz. :)

the crown moulding is going up in the family room.  mr.daddy was in charge of this...
and i will say i am very pleased with his selection!

bonus/family room above the garage.  this is the room i think we will spend a lot of time in!
the window is looking out to the back of the house.  the stairs on the right go up to the hallway.

this is a walk thru "fort" that we are doing for the kids...but they don't know! :)  
it was dead space so we decided to utilize it as a playhouse.  
obviously they see it when we go to the house but 
they just think it is for storage.

okay....last picture :)  the siding is starting to go up.  we went with hardie cement board.
this is the stock light grey.  since there will be a final color coat painted later
we will be able to tweak it a bit if we want.  i'm thinking just a teeny bit darker....

thanks for looking!  

i will say overall the process of designing and building a home is going very well!

i'm pretty sure i would not want to do it again,
but that is just because it is such a long process.  

i always hear so many negative stories about relationships or drama that can 
happen while building a home.

i would like to be a positive voice and say "we love it!" :)

thank. you.


  1. Oh everything is just beautiful and I LOVE your tile choices! The fort idea is so fun too - the kids will just be thrilled with it!

    Everyone also told us that building would make or break a marriage - and we had fun with it. Especially since my husband (not a contractor at all!) learned so much and built it by himself with help from our family. It wasn't bad at all. I wouldn't want to do it again, but it was well worth the wait :)

  2. I LOVE seeing how your house is coming along. How exciting!

  3. thanks girls :) and great to hear similar feelings from you annie about building! :)

  4. Love the crown! Love the tile in the bathroom! Love the dark slate! Love the secret hide-out!!!

    Seriously - LOVE.

  5. farmgirl :) thank you! i love your style so i'm flattered by your compliments.....i will be referring to you down the road b/c i just today, received my john goldman prints! ahhh....thanks to YOUR great style! :)

  6. I designed and had a house built for our family six years ago in VA. I loved that house and the process. We only lived there 4 years even though we though it was our forever home. I was SO SO SO sad to leave it. I would love to do it all agin someday:)

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