"old door" shopping for the school room

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

i embarked on an adventure in search of an old door to hang in our new house for the school room.  it's one of those ideas that i've had in my head for a long time and when i would come across old doors i'd say "oh, that one would be great" or "love that!"  but never actually made the purchase.

well the time has come.  the trim carpenters are working in the school room now and needed a door to be able to case the doorway.  sometimes i just need a deadline.

i went downtown to a salvage store because i knew they had a "basement of doors". literally.  take a look.
 this picture times five should give you a pretty good idea of what i was up against.

thankfully, they were organized by type.  i wanted one with glass. so i went to the "door's with glass" section.

there was this one.  gorgeous.  divided glass, panels, super heavy.

another one, very similar.  sooooo pretty!

hmmm....then there was this one.  single pane of glass (which is what i wanted). not rotting away (bonus).

this one went home with me!  can you see all the pencil scribbling on the right side?  it was meant to be for the school room.  once i clean it all up, i'm sure some day the pencil scribbles will be back. :)

i also really like how the glass is set a little lower than you typically see.  the door knob is set lower too.

i picked out some old black hinges, screws and door knob.

so here is the new old door to our school room!  i would love to add some etched glass title to the glass.

maybe "school room" or "school".  we'll see :)


  1. Oh that door room is fantastic! I am dying over here! I don't know what it is, but old doors always make me happy! I can't wait to see this setup in the school room - what a great idea :)

  2. love this idea! and i love the huge plane of glass set low in the door. SO glad your found this! might just have to set up my tutoring sessions in this room - i'm sure people wouldn't mind driving from grand rapids - especially if they experienced the traditional charm of this entryway :)

  3. Wow! I love the doors! Where in the world is this salvage place? I would love to go there. =)


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