valentine love

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

a little valentine love.

little hank, his siblings and i made yuuummmy homemade cookies. recipe from Bake@350  
poor little love wears his sister's smock :) 
 he so stinkin cute though....mmmm :)  love you buddy!

so as you can see above we made valentine cookies..they're pink! 
but i am lacking in the cookie cutter selection.  
yet the kids seemed perfectly happy to be decorating palm trees, christmas trees, bells, high heels, flowers and butterflies!  

look at the layers of sprinkles!!! 

below, the smooth frosting recipe was tinted light blue.  totally a valentine's day color.  recipe from bake@350

yummy, good old fashioned candy hearts surrounding a white pillar candle 
balancing on a can of soup. :)
the cutest little craft!
paper heart garland
  boone and deanie created this little masterpiece.  tutorial found at 


  1. Cute Valentine's stuff! I especially like the heart garland.

  2. Your post is so cute! Your kiddos are so cute and your pictures - sigh!

    August Fields - love it! Read how your blog got its name - love it!

    Thanks for your visit - you made me smile!

    Enjoy the cookies, enjoy the day!

  3. thank you so much for your selling tips! : )

    i'm so glad you commented so that i could have the pleasure of finding your blog! i love it... it's super cute and you have an adorable fam!

    now i need to go read about how you chose your blog name.


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