valentines tablescape and marshmallow pops

Thursday, February 11, 2010

we are having so much fun with valentines this year!  

i set the table for our recent Bible study group and served a yummy meal.  
Pioneer Woman's Chicken Parmigiana with linguine and for 
dessert Life by Chocolate Cupcakes (hersey kiss version).

Unbelievably delicious!

the cupcakes were served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream in these cute little heart shaped
bowls.  i found them for .99 each at michael's! :)

the plain white china with silver rim is our wedding china.  the blue floral china i picked up 
at goodwill.  i love to mix and match dishes.
i also really like to mix fancy and casual.  paper napkins with china.  casual cotton table
runners with glass goblets etc. :)
i made this table runner using leftover fabric from my inlaws 40th anniversary party.

my glass hurricanes are filled with traditional candy hearts.
my white candles are sitting on a can of soup so i didn't have to use so many hearts :)

today the kids and i made marshmallow pops!!

we melted pink candy melts in the microwave and dipped our pink marshmallows in

of course there were lots and lots of sprinkles!

we packaged them up and gave some to an elderly neighbor, some to cousins, and others to babysitters :)

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  1. How cute and cost effective! Love those hurricanes with the candy hearts.

  2. What great memories you are making for your girls! Darling table & thanks for the great idea of putting the candle in the hurricane on a soup can. I never would have thought of that & it works beautifully.
    Happy Valentines Day!

  3. Sara, did you notice we both have the same white ♥ shaped dishes, too?

    I just poured some conversation hearts around a candle sitting on a can....I gave you full credit for the idea. Come back to see!

  4. Just lovely!!! Very yummy and creative! Have a Happy Valentine's!

  5. rett....we do! the cutest little dishes ...for .99!! and the fact that they're white means we can use them all year :)

    LOVE that you're using the soup can idea! :) such a sweetie for linking back here..thanks!

  6. oh my goodness. the hurricanes filled with candy is by far my most FAVORITE decoration i've seen for valentines day. darling!!!
    everything is.
    happy valentines day to you and your family :O)

  7. Very cute table! I love the Pioneer Woman's recipes too--yum!
    Those marshamallow pops are too cute! Very creative!

  8. I just love the candles in with the candies, so pretty especially with the cute heart dishes, so cute...The marshmello pops are so cute the way they coordinate with the candies....I really love all the wonderful pastels...Phyllis

  9. Beautiful table! I love the heart dishes, so cute. You hurricanes look so pretty with all the pastel hearts.

  10. Very, very sweet and beautiful !!!! Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful Valentine's Day! Lia

  11. Such a sweet post, yummy! I love what you did with the candy and the candles how clever you are.
    It's so nice to meet you.

    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  12. I LOVE your blog! You have some wonderful ideas and I can only imagine how they evolve as you complete your home. :)


  13. sara! loved looking through your recent posts! you pics are great. and the meal you prepared for your bible study sounds delish! love the updates on your house, too. that flooring in the mudroom is spectacular. love. can't wait to visit you guys in your new abode. so sooon! love lots.

  14. I know this blog is about tablescapes, but I am more focused on how you are teaching your girls to do something kind for others -- especially when Valentine's Day is a challenge for the lonely. My own mom is spending her first Valentine's without my dad after 60-plus years. I know these marshmellow pops would perk up her spirits if your girls delivered them to her! Happy VD!

  15. thanks everyone for the compliments and hopefully inspiration :)

    southern belle....i appreciate your appreciation :) the lady we brought the valentine pops (and a meal) too is in fact widowed..... :( she was so happy and it was such a simple thing to do. i'm glad you pointed out this most important item in my post...and i'll take it one step further....

    i would love to see everyone reach out and show a genuine act of love to an elderly or widowed person. as you can see from southern belle and my own experience, it's important to do! :)

  16. Cute marshmallow pops. Bet the kids really enjoyed this. I want to share this idea with my daughter for her kids.
    Plan to tuck the candy heart candle in a hurricane idea away for next year.

  17. LOVE the marshmallow pops! and candy hearts in the vase!
    your build looks AWESOME! i am so scared to ever build....i can't even imagine! so much fun though in the end...choosing every detail.
    the salvage place? wow.
    it's dreamy.
    a basement of doors? i would have stayed all day!

    thanks for the email tonight.
    so much!

  18. Wow, I love everything you did! This makes me want to actually do something creative for Valentine's Day next year. I really like that you painted your piano! It's so hard to find a light colored piano. I know if I hadn't found one, I would have painted one! Looks great! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog.

  19. Hi Sara!
    I'm glad you found my blog :) I just had to come and check out yours too and I'm in love with your Valentine's day creativity!! You have great style! And a beautiful family.

    ps...the slipcovers I ordered from ....they're made by Surefit. I think they were around $50 each. Pretty good deal :)

    I just had to follow you..hope you don't mind :)


  20. tracey...thanks for the scoop on the slipcovers! great deal :) i'll let you know if i use them!


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