beautiful chicken house

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

i was perusing my google reader and i stopped cold when i saw this picture....

it is a chicken. house.  a CUTE chicken house.  wow.  
you can see all the details over at heather bullard's blog

as beautiful as it is...and it's beautiful's actually functional and practical!

side doors all around for accessing different sides.

Heather has all the details and more on her site.

i am definitely saving this in my "would love a chicken house someday" file :)


  1. Ok girl.....the more I read your blog the more I think you are my long lost sister!! I love the chicken house! We get our eggs from a friend at our homeschool co-op and will soon be getting raw milk from a local farmer. I would LOVE to have my own chickens some day....and a dairy cow....and maybe a horse...he he! This year our kids are growing their own veggies in our garden for school. We are paying them market value for what ever they are able to grow! Should be a fun summer:)

    Blessing to you sweet sister I have never met:)

  2. OOh! What an awesome chicken house! I would really like to have chickens some day. I would also love to be getting raw milk again like we did in the Frozen North. But I can't seem to find anything reasonable anywhere close.

    I think I'll file that away in my Someday File.

  3. Too funny!! I printed these pictures off for my husband last night after seeing them on her blog! We are getting a few chicks for Easter so we can sell eggs along with our other garden goodies. We researched chicken coops all weekend and I was not thrilled with any of them. When I saw this I was so excited...much more than he was.I believe his exact words were "Yeah. Right!:)

    BTW.. I have not forgotten about you. I was finishing up your pillows the other day and my machine fried! I got a new one this weekend. I wrapped them this afternoon and they are ready to go tomorrow! So sorry for the delay!

    Have a wonderful rest of the week!

  4. um ok. this is adorable. love it!

  5. oh I love this! I just blogged about how badly I would like some chickens - and goats!

  6. holy cow, is that the cutest thing ever. just a little bit bigger and i'd use it for an office or craft space :O)

  7. love that house. I'd live in it!
    Thanks for stopping by today.

  8. Wow, that is gorgeous!!! If we ever upgrade in the size of ours, we may have to make this. So pretty. I wonder if they'll keep it that clean???

  9. I love reading your blog. I found you through Clover Lane. I also loved this chicken coop when i saw it this morning on her blog! I died it's so dang cute! I love all the wonderful things you are doing to your house! You have the BEST ideas!!!


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