Homeschool Room Part One

Friday, March 19, 2010

"I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the TRUTH." 3 John: 4

this is the verse that is written on the doorframe to the school room.  and truly it is my prayer.
you can read more about marking our house with scripture here

a schoolroom.  as a homeschooling family this is a major deal for us.  a separate room just for school!
now,  i don't think this is a necessity because i know many homeschooling families that do school all over the house.  
currently, we have a section in our basement designated for all of our school stuff.  

when we were designing the new house we put a lot of thought into the schoolroom.  
we came up with ideas such as: 

1. schoolroom should be close to the kitchen
  this gives easy access for drinks and snacks.  also, i am often in the kitchen so that would keep me in close proximity to the kids while they're in the schoolroom.

2.  schoolroom should have plenty of natural light.
currently, since our schoolroom is in the basement, we have no natural light.  i wanted to be able to see the rain, the leaves and the sun.

3.  storage for supplies and shelves for books
this is pretty basic for any homeschooler.  i'm happy with our system now so we just needed
to incorporate something for the new room.  there will also be two simple desks (you can see built
against the wall below) for independent seat work or tests.

4.  an old school door
so excited that i actually did this! you can read about the great search here
the Bible verse is cased in now.  pretty cool to know that the WORD is forever in that frame.
the door came with plenty of 'scribbles'.  the 3 big kids are trying to wipe some of it off. :)

5.  a checkered floor just because :)

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  1. Our office isn't big enough for all the kids plus our office stuff so the oldest two work at the dinning room table - just off of the office, and my grade one kid and I use the office. I would love a school room... beside the office & kitchen. Your house looks great.

  2. Maybe you'll just have to send me the exact blueprints of your home so that I can have our home built exactly the same. I just love all of it. Right down to the checkerboard floor. Beautiful!

  3. Just found your blog and am excited to follow along. Love the floor, can't wait to see it all come together. Your children are just adorable, you are very blessed!

  4. love, love, love the school room....longing for one just like one day....but for now, we'll keep schooling at the kitchen table, the coffee table and on the sofas.

  5. New to reading your blog and look forward to your updates!! We homeschool also and would love to someday have the extra room to have a schoolroom. Looking forward to the final project.
    O and btw, I printed off your bunk bed pictures and hope to build them someday. LOVE the idea!!

  6. LOVE how much thought went into this and LOVE the door. Can't WAIT to see the finished product!

  7. REALLY GREAT school room! The floor is classic. Maybe we can come see this week? Love ya sis.

  8. How wonderful! What a happy and inspiring place to learn. Can't wait to see more updates!

  9. I love watching your's a beautiful house already filled with love!

  10. How cool, I love it!! Can't wait to see it all done! Love the verse in the door frame especially.

  11. Can't wait to see how you decorate it!


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